Thai to refit 12 B747 aircraft

Thai Airways has taken delivery of its first retrofitted B747 aircraft, featuring new economy seats equipped with on-demand inflight entertainment. The carrier will refit a further 11 jumbos by 2013.

The first refitted B747-400 will serve the Bangkok-Frankfurt route, with another five aircraft due to be retrofitted by during 2011-2012, and a further six during 2012-2013.

The carrier has already started to retrofit its A330 aircraft (see online news March 28). On the B747 aircraft the new economy seat will offer a seat pitch of 34 inches, with a width of 18 inches.

All passengers throughout the aircraft will also benefit from a new AVOD inflight entertainment system, with 100 movies, 150 TV choices, 500 music albums and 17 music channels.

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Report by Mark Caswell

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  • Hurrah! At long last, TG have pulled their finger out and decided to do something about their ageing 747s. Long ago I stopped flying TG as flying with them was worse than the lottery – you never knew what product you were going to get. Shame, as they used to be a good carrier.

  • I am afraid THAI is a little late to compensate for all the losses they have had becuase of the ancient aircrafts. Another two years before all of us can be sure having the same advantage as flying with a 5 star airline, is to long to wait. Singapore Airline, the middle east airlines and many other will also expand their service before 2013.

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