Malaysia Airlines unveils new A330-300

Malaysia Airlines unveiled its new Airbus A330-300 aircraft today, sporting the new MAS livery and enhanced in-flight features.

The configuration of the aircraft has been changed providing passengers with more space. Previously, the A330-300 had 294 seats and now the aircraft consists of a total of 283 seats, 36 in Business class and 247 in Economy class.

In Economy class, the seat width has been increased from 17 inches to 17.5 inches, however the seat pitch has been reduced from 33 inches to 32 inches. In Business class, both seat width and seat pitch have been increased. Seat width has gone up from 18.5 inches to 20 inches while seat pitch is now 60 inches, up from 45 inches.

Seats in both classes now also have greater headrests. Economy seats are equipped with a four way adjustable headrest while business class seats have a six way adjustable headrest instead of the standard headrest available on the older A330-300. 

Other new in-flight features include a power plug and USB port for electronic devices, mood lighting and larger windows for a more spacious feel, larger stowage bins and an advanced AVOD in-flight entertainment system in both cabins.

This new aircraft will be utlised on the Kuala Lumpur-Brisbane route on April 20, and will eventually be deployed on services to Shanghai, Osaka, Beijing, Perth and Delhi.

MAS’ refreshed livery consists of red and blue stripes, representing the carrier’s corporate colours. As reported earlier on Business Traveller, this new livery was first unveiled on the new Boeing B737-800 aircraft, which was delivered in October last year (see story here). 

This is the first of 15 A330-300 aircraft to be delivered to MAS over the next few years as it undergoes a major fleet renewal programme.

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Alisha Haridasani

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  • MAS hasn’t ordered let alone received Boeing “747-800s” (assuming that means 8).

    You mean 737s I presume?

  • Thank you ScottWilson for your astute feedback – you’re correct. The copy has now been amended to refer to the new B737s.

  • Is MAS planning on upgrading the interior of their existing A330’s to bring about a consistency in the in-flight product across the A330 fleet. THe current fleet is quite in need of the interior being upgraded.

  • The last “Faded” interiors experience of the KUL-AMS 747’s was quite enough for me.

    Both were shabby, pale yellow faded interiors, a by-gone era on display.
    One had such technical problems, that ALL lights and power went off including emergency exit signs, 16 times before we eventually gained some power source externally! Many people were wanting to leave this old poor state aircraft.

    i flew Malaysian 20 years ago firstly, unfortunately, they want the same aircraft want to fly me now…No thanks!

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