Bmi confirms short-haul seat revamp

As reported by Business Traveller last year, Bmi is to install new short-haul seating on its A319 and A320 aircraft, along with new carpets, curtains, bulkheads and lighting.

The seats will be fitted to Bmi’s nine A319 and five A320 aircraft by this summer, and follow the carrier’s decision to refresh its mid-haul seating (see online news November 22, 2010), an upgrade which Bmi says will be completed by the end of May.

The new short-haul seats are lighter in weight than their predecessors, so Bmi says the refurbishment will also “assist in aircraft performance by reducing overall aircraft weight”.

Along side the installation of the seats the carrier is also fitting new new carpets, curtains and bulkheads, as well as a “dynamic new lighting system, giving a spacious look and feel throughout the cabin”.

It had been thought that Bmi would opt for the same short-haul seat being introduced by Lufthansa and Austrian (see online news November 25, 2010), a slim seat design allowing the carriers to offer increased leg room while at the same time fitting more rows of seats on the aircraft.

This is now understood not to be the case, although both seat products are being supplied by German manufacturer Recaro.

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Report by Mark Caswell

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  • Oh dear. This is not really what passengers want. I should know: I am one.

    British Midland is giving us:

    1. A nice seat
    2. A nice carpet
    3. Nice curtains
    4. A nice bulkhead and
    5. Nice lighting

    What we really want is:

    1. Clearer better value fares
    2. Not having to fly from slot-constrained LHR
    3. Ease of access to the airport
    4. A simple expedient security experience and
    5. A reason to want to choose BM over others.

    If they moved from LHR (no.2) then no.s 3, 4 and 5 would automatically follow.

  • T1 at Heathrow is now a much better travel experience, especially since BA moved out! When connecting to other Star Alliance airlines, it makes it a dream. This additional comfort is a breath of fresh air. The fares are good value and usually cheaper than the competition.

    LHR is still the best airport in London and by far the easiest to get to – why it gets such a bad wrap is beyond me. With the CHAVs at LGW or LTN give me a break.

    In Europe – try CDG or Rome – vile!

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