El Al includes carbon offset within ticket price

El Al has launched a trial on its flights to the UK where carbon offsetting is included in the ticket price, with no additional cost to the passenger.

Many airlines operate voluntary carbon offsetting schemes, allowing customers to pay to offset the carbon produced for their flight, but El Al says it is the first carrier to automatically include the offset as part of the ticket price.

The trial is running on the London-Tel Aviv route, with all customers who book online at elal.co.uk seeing a tree planted in Israel in partnership with non-profit organisation the Jewish National Fund (JNF). Passengers will also receive an e-certificate from the JNF to mark the contribution.

One return flight from London to Tel Aviv with El Al generates 0.64 tonnes of CO2, and the carrier says that the donated tree will absorb aproximately one tonne of CO2 during its lifetime.

For more information visit elal.co.uk, jnf.co.uk/trees.

Report by Mark Caswell

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  • Planting trees is not a viable solution to climate change as they invariably fail the ‘permanence’ test. Sure the tree will slowly suck up the carbon over its life but as soon as it dies and decomposes that carbon is re-released back into the atmosphere. It is far more effective to invest in renewable energy projects where emissions are premantly avoided.

  • @JohnCollins

    Wrong. It’s the creation of new woodland that counts, not the lifespan of individual trees. As long as the woodland is permanent it passes the permanence test.

    Re renewable energy projects. These are usually cost effective in their own right and so would probably go ahead irrespective of carbon finance. Additionality is the barrier there.

    Trees are the most cost effective, readily scalable way we have of REMOVING CO2 from the atmosphere.

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