JAL retires entire fleet of B747-400s

Japan Airlines (JAL) has officially retired its entire fleet of Boeing B747-400s, with the last two flights using this aircraft on the Honolulu and Okinawa services to Tokyo today.

The carrier has increasingly relied on smaller, aircraft such as B767s, B777s and eventually, the B787 Dreamliner, all of which are more fuel-efficient and will thus cut fuel consumption costs.

JAL first acquired the four-engine aircraft in 1970, growing the fleet to a total of 112 747s to meet high passenger demand at the time. Major competitor, All Nippon Airways (ANA), will also phase out its own B747-400s on domestic routes by the end of this month.

For more information, visit www.jal.com/en

Alisha Haridasani

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  • This is a sad day for JAL…the 747 fleet has served the carrier well for 41 years, and really have played an iconic part of the carrier’s history, both domestically and internationally. I shall miss the aircraft, as they have played a major role in premium passenger comfort, especially on the long-haul segments that JAL operates.

  • B747-400 had JL401/403 and as you know, JAL is the first oparator of B747.
    It’s quite unfortunate to know this ‘incident’ as Japanese airlines has to curry favour with Boeing, all the time because States has pushes to the country that JAL is belonging to.

    A380 should be installed both JL and NH, hoever, it will take quite long, surely or impossible.

    Tokyo, Japan 02MAR2011

    HA Suda

  • Hirowaco: I think you’ll find Pan Am was the first operator of the Boeing 747, although JAL was the launch customer for the 747-100SR.

    Personally, I doubt that the big two Japanese airlines will pursue large jets in the short term at least, until there is recovery of the Japanese economy and demand requires it.

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