Free online Taiwan visa service for Hong Kong and Macau visitors

Taiwan authorities have simplified visa application procedures for Hong Kong and Macau citizens.

There is no longer a charge for the online visa service. Previously, visitors filled up the application form online and paid a HK$200 (US$25) fee upon arrival. Under the new system, travellers complete the application online and wait for the confirmation to be sent. Once received, this is printed out and shown to the immigration officer in Taiwan.

There is still the option of applying for visas upon arrival, which cost HK$200 (US$26) or, alternatively, going to the nearest Taiwan representative office. Visas have also been extended and are valid for multiple entries over three months, whereas previously, Hong Kong and Macau people could only enter twice over the 90-day validity period.

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Alisha Haridasani

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  • if i want to travel to Taiwan what are the requirement i we need to have before i can be qualify and how much is it going to cost me…..

  • I am holding a Passport issued by Hong Kong SAR, and like to apply a tourist visa to Taiwan. Please inform me how to proceed. Thanks.

  • I am a Hong Kong resident and had applied online and received an entry permit . The permit document states that one entry is allowed within three months. But in another of your websites it says ” Visas have been extended and are valid for multiple entries over three months”. Which is right.?
    I need to be in and out of Taipei twice over the next thirty days. Should I and am I allowed to apply for another permit before I have used the first one?


  • Sir/madam,
    This coming 22 of august i want to travel in taiwan,but i just want to apply a tourist visa.what are the reguirement we need to have before i qualify,and how much it is cost me.thanks and godspeed!

  • i work in macau as a domestic helper for 5 years holding philippine passport and i just want to visit Taiwan as a tourist…can allowed to apply the visa and can approve on that..thank you pls reply

  • Hi kedz911, yes you should be able to apply for a tourist visa. The process can be done online but you may need to provide a number of supporting documents including a recent bank certificate, income tax return, and certificate of employment (if any).

  • I am HK citizen and have applied for an online entry permit successfully, however, I have filled the Chinese name in “simplified version” and the HKID no. with the last digit in the ( ) truncated. Could I make an amendment or cancellation? and how to do it? I will be leaving HK by end of April. Thanks,

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