The big picture: BA 757 in 1983 livery

BA has painted one of its remaining 757s in the original livery used by BA as the launch customer for the Boeing aircraft, ahead of the fleet’s retirement at the end of the month.

As flagged on our forum earlier this week, the carrier has painted one of its three remaining 757s (all of which entered service in 1997) in BA’s 1983 Negus & Negus livery. The aircraft will also follow in the tradition of 40 of the carrier’s 757 fleet by being named after a castle – “Stokesay Castle” during its last month of service.

BA was the global launch customer for the Boeing 757 back in 1983, and at one stage had a fleet of 54 of the aircraft. The carrier is retiring the fleet following the delivery of its second new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, of which it has another six on order.

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  • This looks just great! Wish we could see more BA aircraft in retro-liveries…esp BOAC! Fingers crossed…

  • Stephen – If they gave it a BOAC livery would it look like JET Airways? I’ve still got my Corgi Concorde in BOAC livery 🙂

  • That idea of dropping the “Airways” and naming the airline “British” on the livery was thankfully short-lived.

  • Ahhh!!! Thats nice …..!! The Boeing 757 posoining Pax and Crew alike since 1983 !!! Mind all current generation jets have and continue to do so …….
    Bring on the Boeing 787 Dreamliners and similar ‘non-bleed-air’ jets!!

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