F&B the most important feature of airline lounges, say business travellers

Our readers have voted food and beverage as the most important feature of airport business lounges, ahead of privacy, convenience, free wifi and showers.

Nearly 400 visitors voted in our latest survey, with nearly 40 per cent of respondents judging F&B as the most important lounge feature, ahead of privacy with 18.9 per cent of votes.

Free wifi was close behind in third with 18.7 per cent, perhaps explaining why the traditional business centre garnered less than one per cent of votes. Showers were judged the most important feature for 10.3 per cent of respondents, while convenience to gate garnered 6.4 per cent of votes, TV / relaxation 3.6 per cent, and spa facilities 2.6 per cent.

For the full rundown of voting, click here, and for Business Traveller’s round-up of 50 top airport lounges worldwide, click here.

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  • Very true, F&B is quite important especially when taking the early morning flights. Case in point, I’ve been flying Etihad for over four years and I’ve not seen changes made to to the breakfast spread for the past three years in the business class lounge. On escalating this concern to the lounge manager on many occasion, the reply one gets thank you for your feedback we will pass this to the management.

    Same goes on the short haul flight wherein passenger has to make do with a yoghurt and muffin. Despite their high fares, its a shame on EY management to treat pax in this manner. If Qatar Airways, Emirates Airline, Kuwait Airways and even Gulf Air (which is struggling) can serve a better snack / drink I don’t see any reason why Etihad cannot. Besides better preference is give give to pax flying to Europe and Americas whereas the Asian countries passenger who are the highest revenue pax for Etihad are treated shoddily on the F&B front.

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