SIA upgrades Singapore-Sydney flights

Good news for premium passengers choosing to fly SIA between Singapore and Sydney. From March 28 SIA will simplify the product offering on this important route. Two of its four daily flights will be upgraded to more modern aircraft fitted with improved first and business class seating.

Right now, as our Forum posters have testified (see SQ Business Class – Editors please note), business class passengers are confused as each plane type has different seating.

Two of the four flights (those operated by the A380 and B777-300ER)  feature SIA’s best products whereas the remaining two (those operated by older B777-300s and B777-200s) have the former angled lie-flat or older and less spacious regional seating.

It means that SIA premium passengers who are departing Europe and switching flights in Singapore may enjoy flat bed comfort on their first leg but will then find themselves “downgraded” on the final 7 hr 30 min sector to Sydney.

According to the changes mean that flight SQ231 out of Singapore at 0025 and back from Sydney as SQ232 at 1130 will switch from a B777-300 to a newer B777-300ER.

Flight SQ219 which departs Singapore at 0925 and returns from Sydney the next day at 0905 will be upgraded from a B777-200 to a B777-300.

Although the B777-300’s business class still does not compare with that found on the A380/B777-300ER (where passengers sit only four across 1-2-1) , an SIA spokesman says both premium cabins on this plane are being refreshed. So the first class seating will be similar to that on the B777-300ER while business class will feature the latest angled lie-flat regional product.

SIA’s remaining two flights on the route remain unchanged. Out of Singapore, flight SQ233 at 0700 continues to be operated by a B777-300ER while SQ221 (which links with A380-operated SQ321 ex-London Heathrow) is in the hands of the A380.  

From Sydney, SQ234 at 1750 is rostered for a B777-300ER while prime flight SQ222 at 1525 is served by an A380.  It’s worth noting that SQ222 connects at Singapore with all of SIA’s most important onward flights to Europe including SQ322 to London Heathrow and SQ334 to Paris CDG which are also rostered for A380 operation.

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Report by Alex McWhirter

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  • Alex, An excellent on the ball article many thanks.

    As you have clearly seen on the Forum, many posts re the confusion, & really is great for BT to advocate & obtain a clear response.

    Only today i looked for slights down to Sydney, & found in Feb an older 772- rostered in, the 747 removed & the 777-300 With the angled Regional style seating). This removed 4 flights to 3, cutting capacity, but offering only the one A380 new style Business product.

    All SQ need to do now, is make it very clear on their site & bookings, what you pay for, & which cabin their is on the services you actually book for.

    I must state though, I do not think as other readers, that the refurbished 773 with the regional angled lie flat seating & rather low noisy cabin, is suitable for a 7-8 hr flight, from SIN -SYD. I experienced it after BT posted it would be used in Sept 09, (on forum), & i would not choose this cabin or set for an overnight flight.

    However, Many thanks for yr article…I hope with the variations of changes ahead with many Airlines in the current climate, BT can remain a source of clarity & advocacy for information for all the BT Community.

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