Ryanair responds to OFT comments

Ryanair has released a four-point rebuttal to the head of the OFT’s comments regarding the carrier’s charging policy, calling John Fingleton’s claims “disappointing and wrong”.

In an interview in today’s Independent, Fingleton criticised Ryanair for not quoting card fees upfront. The low-cost carrier does so on the grounds that these are discretionary charges, but Fingleton says that the fact the charges can only be avoided by using a “low frequency payment mechanism” (pre-paid Mastercard), means Ryanair is operating “within the narrow letter of the law”.

In a statement on its website Ryanair rejected the claims, saying that:

  1. There are no hidden fees or charges on the Ryanair.com website.
  2. All non discretionary fees and charges are included in all Ryanair’s advertised prices.
  3. Ryanair’s payment handling fees are discretionary and are free for passengers using Ryanair’s recommended Mastercard debit cards.
  4. Ryanair’s insurance services are purchased by customers on an opt in, not an opt out basis, as wrongly claimed by Mr Fingleton.

The carrier added that it “fails to understand why it was singled out for these inaccurate criticisms by Mr Fingleton, when its charges policies are copied by high fare UK airlines.”

Ryanair currently charges £5 per passenger per flight for payments using all credit / debit cards, with the exception of the Mastercard Prepaid Debit Card.

For more information visit ryanair.com.

Report by Mark Caswell

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  • Which bit of on-line check-in is optional? Come on Ryanair, just add £20 (check-in plus credit card fees for a return flight) to all your prices and be honest with your customers.

  • Lets be honest about the whole discussion. at the end of the day it would be much easier if Ryannair did make life easier for the passenger on pricing . As Tim2sms correctly says , which bit of on line check in is optional.

    We still do travel with Ryannair but noticeable less often as i find the contrast between the advertised prices and the actual price we have to pay are hugely irritating!!. and having gone to the trouble of getting an Electron card to avoid the finance charges , do i really now want to sign up for a Mastercard prepaid card , whatever that might be !! just to book on Ryannair .. How ridiculous ..
    I think that Mr O’Leary might have just been pushing these issues a little too far. His jokey comments about charging for going for the Loo on the planes definitely struck a negative cord and back fired and he does not do his own PR any good with his brusque chuck away comments ..Bound to irritate the press and it does !! regards david

  • JimBannerman1, in fairness, BA has a wider range of free card payments, include debit/visa debit cards (which most people have), switch/maestro and solo. I do think it’s outrageous that they charge per person, rather than a single cost.

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