THAI adds non-stop flights to Brisbane

Thai Airways International will begin non-stop flights between Bangkok and Brisbane from October 25.

The new flights will replace the existing services that involve a stopover in Sydney before heading to the Queensland capital.

THAI will offer five turnaround non-stop flights from Bangkok to Brisbane using 309-seater Boeing B777-200 aircraft.

Kenny Coyle

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  • Are TG re-introducing First Class on routes to Australia? I was just looking at bookings for December /January and noticed I could book First on an A340/600. I stopped flying them when they stopped First service to and from Australia

  • Frankly, even TG won’t know until the flight takes off … they have changed the type of aircraft, routings, frequency, timings so many times ex Australia, I wouldn’t take my chances on anything being as you might have read. TG have been left behind (again) in the product offerings. Smooth as silk has a few wrinkles in it these days. Give SQ your business. Consistently the highest standards in the industry.

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