The big picture: Heathrow Terminal 2

BAA has released images of the forthcoming £1 billion Terminal 2 at Heathrow, which will eventually become the home for Star Alliance carriers.

The first stage of the project is due for completion in 2013, with a second stage (which will see the new Terminal extended into the existing Terminal 1 site) slated for 2019. Terminal 1 will remain open throughout the construction period, before being closed when stage 2 is complete.

The £1 billion Terminal 2 will become the home for Star Alliance carriers, with an estimated 20 million passengers using the facility each year. It will feature a two-level departure lounge and 11,300sqm of floor space, with self-service check-in kiosks, fast-bag drops, traditional check-in desks, and 15 security search lanes. There will also be nine new aircraft stands, three of which will be able to accommodate the A380 superjumbo.

BAA is also keen to promote the environmental efficiencies of the new terminal, which will produce 40 per cent less carbon that the building it is replacing, and will feature solar-gathering panels on the roof, and an energy centre partially fuelled by renewable resources.

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  • I would be interested to know why the planned name “Heathrow East” was dropped.

    So, T2 for Star Alliance, T3 for oneworld and Virgin, T4 for Skyteam and T5 for British Airways, with T6 (when opened) for shorthaul/domestic and the Cargo Terminal as is. I suppose that leaves T1 for non-aligned carriers.

    Three stands capable of serving the A380 seems short sighted to me.

    Great that the whole area will be a building site for the Olympics in 2012.

  • This is so typical of the BAA – miss one the Britain’s biggest moments in not getting T2 ready in time for the Olympics. So as VintageKrug says, visitors to the UK coming in via LHR will see – a building site. How glamorous. I wonder if the BAA will cut the same corners it did in T5, with not enough gates, single access jet bridges, single escalators everywhere (that’ll be a joy when they start breaking down in a year or two), and making passengers do the 90-mile walk to get to airline lounges. And will there be enough toilets, esp. upon arrival? Don’t bet on it! BAA Humbug.

  • “There will also be nine aircraft stands,” that must be a misprint, or refers to something more specific which has not been mentioned. There is no way that few stands could support so many airlines.

  • Business Traveller replies:

    Thanks for your comment FrequentTraveller. The release actually referred to nine “new” aircraft stands (this has now been amended in the piece). It’s not clear in the release but we’re assuming this means that this number is in addition to the existing number of stands already in use at T2. We will contact BAA and confirm this when we hear back.

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