Aegean announces Heathrow switch

Greek carrier Aegean Airlines will move its twice-daily London flights from Stansted to Heathrow from October 25, plying the route with new Airbus A321 aircraft.

The airline says it is making the move “following Aegean’s acceptance into Star Alliance and in response to the travel requirements of the UK market to Greece”.

Aegean will fly twice daily from Heathrow starting on October 25 (compared with the current three daily flights from Stansted), with the following timings:

  • LHR – ATH     A3 603  12:45 – 18:30
  • LHR – ATH     A3 607  20:20 – 02:05 (following day)
  • ATH – LHR     A3 602  09:10 – 11:15
  • ATH – LHR     A3 606  17:20  – 19:20

For more information visit, and for reviews of the seating product onboard Aegean’s new A321-200 aircraft, click here.

Report by Mark Caswell

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  • I cannot understand why they’ve done this. I use the Stansted / Athens service around 4 or 5 times a year and the plane is always packed. It’s such a shame to lose this service, especially to those of us who have difficulty getting to Heathrow. Why don’t they just reduce the service, even down to one per day and run along with the Heathrow flight? Maybe they’re saving money by doing it this way, because I cannot see how the passengers will benefit.

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