Low-cost facility London Luton airport is to charge drivers £1 to use its renovated drop-off zone outside the terminal building. The charge, which will be levied for each vehicle entering the zone, will allow drivers to stop for up to ten minutes.

Commenting on the move Nic Horton, general manager for projects and development at the airport said: “We have made this investment so that getting to the airport is easier and more convenient for all our passengers. Dropping passengers off can be a stressful experience; we have therefore given careful consideration to providing the right facilities and enough time for people to unload in a secure environment.  Making a small charge reminds drivers of the ten minute time allocation and keeps the traffic flowing. By offering a choice of options we can provide an airport experience to suit the needs of all our passengers.”

The £1 charge will take effect from April 29, and can be paid by credit card or cash. Luton airport says that it is also making available an alternative drop-off facility in a section of its mid-term car park, use of which will be free of charge (although passengers will then have to take a free shuttle ride to the terminal building).

The airport also recently introduced a priority security lane, allowing passengers to bypass the normal security queues for a £3 charge.

For more information visit london-luton.co.uk.