Ryanair to charge for in-flight toilets?

Ryanair’s CEO Michael
O’Leary has said in a BBC interview that the budget carrier has considered
installing coin slots on its cabin toilets and charging £1 to use them.

O’Leary was
discussing the removal of Ryanair check-in desks at airports (see online news February
) during an interview with the BBC this morning, and said that the airline
had also looked at the possibility of installing coin slots on its toilets, “so that people might actually have to spend a pound to spend a penny
in future”.

When questioned about what passengers
without cash would do when they required the toilet, he responded that he didn’t
think there was “anybody in history that has got on board a Ryanair aircraft
with less than a pound”.

Conusmer body
Which? has condemned the possibility of charging customers to use the toilet
in-flight, but what do you think? Let us know your comments below, or join in
the debate on our forum.

For more
information visit ryanair.co.uk.

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  • What else Mr. O’Leary? That’s amazing how such persons take such decisions. What next? should we take our own loo paper from home too? Imbecile

  • Couple of thoughts…

    Firstly, could be regarded as discriminating against the disabled, if you take dodgy prostates, and the after effects of an iffy Ruby Murray as disabilities…

    Also, given that there is often a queue for Airplane loos, how is he going to stop one user holding the door open for the next? Post guards? There’s one for the C.V. – loo guard. Makes trolley dolly sound positively upmarket….

  • Ryanair’s plan for charging the use of toilets on their flights: I found it very amusing BUT is it not actually illegal under either EU or international aviation laws for a public transport service to provide sanitary facilities?

    Richard Wong

    Hong Kong

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