Virgin launches RTW fare

A new RTW (round-the-world) fare celebrates the fact that it’s now possible to circle the globe using Virgin airlines (see online news, February 18).

It’s the first time ever that Virgin has marketed such a ticket. Although the carrier has offered globe-circling tickets in the past, these were in conjunction with carriers like Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand.

“Virgin Global West” and “Virgin Global East” are the two tickets and they are being sold at an introductory price of £1,239 (including taxes and charges). They cover economy class flights routed either east or westbound.

Heading east from London Heathrow would take you to Hong Kong then on to Sydney. From Australia you would return home via Los Angeles.

At a later date, the airline says it hopes to offer business class and premium economy versions.

The launch fare can only be booked by telephone on +44 (0)8705 747 747.  It is available for sale until March 6 and covers departures from London between now and April 19.

Visit,,  for more information.

Report by Alex McWhirter

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  • i called Virgin in USA and wasted an hour on the phone, Agent didn’t have a clue. Then rang V-Australia and wasted another hour.

  • Thank you for your comments. We must point out that RTW ticket availability can vary from country to country. Our news item primarily concerned Virgin airlines’ flights departing from the UK. This particular RTW fare continues to be sold in the UK market. Details are displayed on Virgin’s UK website:

    Although this particular RTW fare is not available for sale in the US market, I am surprised that the staff member concerned did not draw your attention to Virgin’s long-standing RTW fare which the carrier sells in conjunction with SIA and ANZ. Details are displayed on Virgin’s US website:


  • Thanks for the reply. I can fly RTW solely on Singapore and Air New Zealand without Virgin. However it’s a disappointment that Virgin made a big splash with Branson flying around the world in 8 days saying that you can fly RTW on Virgin, but it’s impossible to book outside the UK.

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