BA amends Executive Club rules

BA has made
several changes to its Executive Club loyalty scheme, with particular emphasis
on its Silver and Gold cardholders. The carrier says the move is aimed at “making
it easier to earn and burn BA miles”.

One of the
biggest changes is the permanent introduction of a “Priority Reward” scheme for
Gold cardholders, following a trial of the service. The new scheme enables
these premium members to book redemption tickets on any route, in any cabin, on
any date (provided they book at least 30 days in advance), thus avoiding any
issues with limited availability of reward tickets. The catch is that members
have to redeem twice the normal number of miles, so its aimed at those who fly
regularly enough to have plenty of excess miles to burn.

In addition Gold
and Silver cardholders will earn tier points on discount economy tickets for
flights flown between February 18 and May 18 – these types of tickets would not
normally attract tier points.

There has also
been a change to eligibility for Silver tier status. Previously members needed to earn 600 tier points in order to upgrade to Silver status – this rule still applies, but members can now also earn Silver status if they make 50 flights during the year. Any flights members have taken from January 2009 onwards will count towards this new rule. It’s likely to be of most use to those making frequent but short trips with the carrier on fares that do not attract tier points.

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  • I have written to BA to suggest that Gold and Silver members using reward flights also collect tier points – not miles to reflect their continued loyalty to the airline.

  • I’ve also written to BA. My point was that Silver and Gold card members should be able to get tier points on all economy tickets (at a reduced level). Lets see the response from the ivory tower team.

  • hardly ground breaking or exciting changes made by BA
    I want to see an overall reduction in fares until such time that BA has a decent, clean and up to date FIRST product and/or that the role out of new ClubWorld is on a significant number of aircraft. I understand fitting takes time -BUT only having single figure 777s fitted with the new product is poor

  • The whole BA executive club is as complex as the wiring on a A380!! I have household account for my wife and two kids. At one point in the last 6 months there were 2000 tier points between us yet not one of us had a silver card. BA were as arrogant as ever when I asked why this should be and why tier points, like the miles could not be used by one or both adults. After all the payment for the fares came from one pot of money. I bet they did not do this to their corporate clients!!
    Another irritation is that tier points expire on the annual renewal date. For me this was yesterday and the flight I took yesterday had the points added and then removed on the same day. It is ludicrous. Why not allow the tier points to have a 12 month life span.
    The only thing that will make BA sit up and smell the coffee is a massive financial loss due to the credit crunch. At a time when they are in deep financial trouble you would think that loyal customers and frequent flyers would be their focus, not a bit of it instead BA is getting ready to give thousands of ex employees staff travel benefits again despite many not having worked for BA for many years. Giving staff freebies is one way to fill First and Club but it won’t help the share price

  • do book free seats (business or first class) on but not for BA lines !
    but for cathay or others oneworld members : it will cost you less miles than the offical cathay website…… and the taxes are much cheaper on those companies than for BA….

  • The expiry-on-renewal date just hit me, with ONE MORE FLIGHT required to get me up to silver. How annoying… I guess it’s time to start going on Lufthansa, who have the good sense to hand out silver cards to anyone, due to the sector my (UK-based) employer works in. Two fingers to BA then.

  • We booked a flight online last year for a years ticket (long haul) but the computer does not give 12 months in advance, (although they call it a years ticket) so why should I have to pay the extra £90 per person to change it to a year?
    When I phoned to querry this BA say by buying the ticket I agreed to pay the extra to change it. What option did I have? Not take the flight, or go to another airline? We have been travelling with BA since 1981. I think this is disgraceful.

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