Business Traveller launches Twitter page

Barack Obama used it during his presidential campaign, Stephen Fry regularly “tweets”, and even 10 Downing Street has its own Twitter page, but what exactly is it, and why on earth would you want to join in?

Essentially Twitter is a free service allowing you to “follow” users’ updates (short messages up to a maximum of 140 characters) wherever you are in the world. Our  page is at, and we’ll be regularly updating it with news headlines, links to the latest forum posts, and any other snippets of information we think you might like to hear about.

You don’t actually need to join Twitter to view our page, but doing so means you can automatically follow us and hundreds of other updates, all from your own Twitter homepage. According to Wikipedia the service currently has over three million users, and you can choose exactly which ones to follow – for example British Airways, Marriott Hotels and Virgin America all have their own Twitter pages.

Think of it like an RSS feed with added benefits – you can access the site from any computer, anywhere with internet access, and members can request email and text message alerts when we update our page.

For more information and to follow Business Traveller’s Twitter page, visit

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  • Will Obama agree to the “Open skies” agreement between European and American airlines go ahead. Now that the US have what they want, will he deny access to European airlines within the US or owning more than 25% of a US carrier – discuss?

  • I follow @resideo — they post news & info on hotels (renovation notices, special deals & discounts, etc.) that I feel are very useful.

    They also keep an eye out for folks that are looking for help in finding a hotel — very useful and effective use of Twitter, I think…

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