Silverjet goes bust

All-business class carrier Silverjet has ceased operations as of today (May 30), a week after its shares were suspended.

A statement on its website says:

“When our inaugural flight took off in January
2007, we pledged to change the face of air travel. Your appreciation of
our unique values and your belief in our product has allowed us to
achieve this.

Your belief in us was shared by our investors – but regrettably, due to
unforeseen circumstances, they were unable to unlock the finance that
we needed. As a result, we are very sad to announce that from 30 May
2008, we will cease operations and we are no longer able to honour
flight reservations.

We extend our sincerest apologies to those of you who have travel plans
with Silverjet in the future and at present. You are advised to seek
alternative travel arrangements with other carriers, and contact your
credit card company or travel agent directly for information on
obtaining refunds.

We are working actively with new investors who are prepared to inject
new funds so we can recommence operations. If we are able to achieve
this, we will make an announcement as soon as possible and we hope to
be able to bring you our very ‘sivilised’ flying experience again.”

Silverjet’s demise follows the failure of rival all-business class carriers Maxjet and Eos (see online news January 2 and April 28), leaving French airline L’Avion as the only dedicated business class carrier flying across the pond (Lufthansa does provide an all-business class service from Frankfurt to New York Newark). The announcement has produced a flurry of forum comments by readers – click here to view the latest posts.

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Report by Mark Caswell

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  • Has2turnleft

    Any new news on silverjet?

  • AussieM

    I heard on London news last eve, that New Funding Sources had been found for Silverjet from a Swiss Investment Company. They would be hoping to re-launch services.

    I flwew with them to Dubai in March & they really were making every effort & successfully, the niceties & quality of personalised service of travel. The staff were a great youthful team, wonderful lounge at Luton, & it was a great p,leasure & stress free not having to use LHR.

    I feel very much for a small Company who try to break the mould in these difficult days & i hear, worse ahead. For all we like our large stable Airlines, If they can get this together I will certainly support them & use their Dubai Route..which wasr eally doing well with premium tourist travellers to DXB. I hope the staff morale can be brought back & to see them in the air again would be wonderful. Knowing we can pay £46 tax & security taxes, rather than the £180 from LHR for C class. This makes a little more fair, less tax to this Government, & paying for the attitudes & world most awful services on the ground at LHR!

    Maybe they could ditch the rather old fuel gussling noisy 767’s, upgrade the seating a little, & go out their n re-capture their market & more.
    Good luck, & my support if they can…