UK hand baggage rules to be relaxed

Transport secretary Ruth Kelly has announced an end to the hand baggage restrictions introduced in August 2006 during the height of the security scares. The one-piece limited will be increased to two pieces from January 7 although the EU-wide limit on liquids and gels will remain.

Travellers and airlines have been critical of the one-piece rule ever since it was introduced.  BA chief executive Willy Walsh has claimed in the past that the rule was damaging the UK’s reputation around the world from a business perspective.

Before airports can relax the one piece rule they will have to apply to the Department for Transport to prove they have the facilities to screen the extra pieces of hand baggage.

Report by Alex McWhirter

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  • Good news about the luggage restrictions being lifted, but they still need to do something about the liquids ban. It’s so annoying having to buy a bottle of water after security just because my tap water from home could apparently be used to make a bomb – Boots must love it though.

  • Actually if you think about it you can actually take a litre of tap water through – 10 bottles of 100ml of water….it’s well known that small sips are better than big gulps…

  • I don’t see the problem with the liquids really. It’s a shame the queues are still so long thoguh with people apparently still not knowing what they can’t and can take through. I’m just relieved about the bags it will mean once through immigration the nightmare of waiting in airports is over.

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