Scheduled to open next month, the so-called Private Suite at LAX is located far from prying eyes in a converted cargo facility adjacent to the airport’s southernmost runway, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Members pay a US$7,500 annual fee plus per-day charges of $2,700 (for up to four people) for domestic travel and $3,000 for international travel, according to Forbes.

The facility includes valet parking and a private, TSA-staffed security clearance checkpoint. Individual suites have bathrooms, food service, daybeds, and a raft of amenities that include wall-mounted candy dispensers, prayer mats for Muslim travellers, and dress shirts, ties, and raincoats, Vanity Fair notes.

Complementary spa services are available on demand. When guests are ready to depart for their flight, they are taken directly to their aircraft in a luxury BMW.

The lounge is owned and operated by Gavin de Becker & Associates, which provides security to celebrities and other high-profile individuals worldwide.