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  • JonathanCohen09


    Chris – I am very sorry to hear about the awful experience that you had with BA and you should indeed follow the advice of my fellow posters with regards to BA and the CAA and getting ‘Watchdog’ involved will certainly get the attention of BA.

    The only advice that I would give you is do not fly BA again if you have the choice, I posted previously that people should vote with their feet but it was pointed out to me that not everyone has a choice but if you do take your business elsewhere.

    I made that decision some time ago and now easyJet gets my business if they fly to a destination that I need to get to and so far I have not had a single experience like yours and i have also saved myself a lot of money.

    There are however many alternatives to BA many of which will offer better value and better service.

    Please let us know how how things turn out with BA?


    Hi SwissExpat,
    Really sorry to hear about your poor experience with Vueling, my Partners son had a similarly poor experience when he flew with them to Amsterdam from Luton.

    In defence of LCC’s or no frills carriers, I enjoy a very good relationship with Easyjet who i fly with at least 3 or 4 times a month and I have to say that I have had very few poor experiences and in terms of what I pay for the flights and the service i get in return I am very happy. They are not perfect by any means but any problems that I have experienced have been dealt with quickly and efficiently, it may be because of how much I fly with them but I am not sure.

    In the past I was gold with BA, Platinum with AA before the tie up with BA and i was a Circle with Swiss before they were acquired by Lufthansa and they are still my airline of choice if i need a full service carrier. I gave up on BA a long time ago and am now frequent flyer agnostic and will use the airline that offers me the best price for the route and time of year that i am flying. I have become a fan of Norwegian out of Gatwick for long haul. Their Premium cabin is very good and for the price it is excellent value in my opinion, i am sure that others will disagree but based on your post and the experience of others Vueling is on my no fly list.

    Happy Easter to all and safe travels.

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    Morning Chris,

    For a period of 2 years about 5 years ago I visited Moscow twice a month in the good old days when getting an annual multi entry visa was possible, not sure if they issue those any more.
    I believe that you should be fine going there on business but make sure that all of your paperwork is in order so that there are no questions about your visa. Make sure you have a copy of the invitation that you have received from the company that invited you to make the trip so that you have it on you should the border officer want to see it.
    Make sure, as suggested by a previous poster, that you have a trusted driver collect you. Your hosts or your hotel can easily organise that for you. Do not under any circumstances accept the offer of an unlicensed taxi, they will pounce on you when you come through to see if they can persuade you to go with them.
    If you ask the hotel to collect you then their driver will have a hotel sign with your name on it or if your hosts send a car the driver will have a company sign with your name on it. Have a phone number for your hotel and your host in your phone and if in doubt then call them to check who they sent to get you.
    Some posters may feel that i am being over dramatic but experience has taught me that you should be careful although I believe you will be fine.
    I would be happy to give you any other advice about your trip should you want it and BT have my permission to give you my personal email address so that you can contact me.
    Moscow is a very interesting city and i am sure that you will enjoy your trip.
    Again as another poster said do not discuss politics or Putin or the current situation with the UK as that can inadvertently cause you unnecessary problems.
    Please let us know how you get on.
    Also, where are you staying?
    Finally, keep monitoring the situation before you go in case there is any further deterioration in relations or the FO advise only essential travel in which case you may need to reconsider but barring that you should go and enjoy the experience.



    I tend to agree with you but I think it is worth pointing out that LH used to have 747 and A340’s on the route, KLM uses 777 in the summer, Iberia uses A330,s on some of it’s flights to TLV and LX still use A330’s on the route. AF uses narrow bodies A320’s.

    I think that Virgin got,their fingers burnt when they used to fly to Athens using narrow bodied aircraft as they did not stay on the route that long and now the LCC’s have got a huge presence at TLV and in fact are housed together in the older T1 which has been refurbished.

    I do not think that VS would want to have to compete with them as well,as BA and EL AL although their J class is better than the other 2 but I travel to TLV monthly and based on price EZY is my first choice, their flights are also a good times.

    Maybe someone should as VS the question then we would know and not need to speculate although between us I think we have the answer.

    An interesting question though.


    Hi SwissExpat,

    Sorry to hear that you had a poor experience and I would feel the same if that happened to me.

    Things seem to have changed as I often booked 1 or 2nights paid and then tagged on a free night using points and there was never any problem getting credited for the stay.

    Now you can use points and cash for bookings and you get stays credited and points for the cash spent so I am happy but I have no wish to get you started as you said.


    Nevereconomy – a very good question, I wonder what some of the answers will be?


    Another interesting thread, I had the same problem with BA a number of years ago when I missed Gold by 50 tier points and they would not budge on that ocassion. That was the beginning of the end of my relationship with them.

    I completely understand that there has to be a cut off but I also think that there should be some flexibility for people who just miss out but have far exceeded the requirement in previous years.

    That brings me on to something interesting that Hilton Are doing with their frequent stay programme. They have announced that from now on any one who stays more nights than required to gain a certain status level will be able to carry those nights over to the following year where they will count towards that years status. What a great way to keep people loyal.

    I hold Diamond status which needs 30 separate stays in 12 months. I did 33 stays last year and so I am already 3 stays towards retaining my status this year.

    I wonder if any other hotel programmes will follow suit and indeed will any of the airlines offer a similar benefit. This innovation will certainly mean that Hilton will keep my business.

    What do others think about this idea?


    Gentlemen, can we please come back on point for this thread.

    I am not sure how the title of the thread has led to another pro BA anti BA spat as this was meant as a bit of fun.

    Most people seem to have got that but alas some others have not so can we please get back to your wishes for 2018 and if you want to go back and forward on BA DO IT ON ANOTHER THREAD, PLEASE!


    What an interesting thread!

    My stats for the year:

    – 160 sectors – predominantly on Easyjet
    – 3 new airports – Aberdeen, Abu Dhabi and Mauritius
    – 2 new carriers – Air Mauritius who were fantastic, even with old angled flat seat on an A340 the food and service were streets ahead of BA J class. Looking forward to their A350 later on this year and Norwegian whose Premium cabin was way ahead of BA WTP in my opinion and that before you take account of the price difference.
    – Favourite airport – Luton believe it or not as it is only 30 minutes from home and. Never had to circle before landing
    — One major delay with Easyjet, 3 days stuck in TLV due to snow at Luton but full compensation claimed and received quickly and without any arguments.
    – Hilton took great care of me all year so a big thanks to them
    – Finally achieved Blue status with BA
    – in 2017 I saved more than £15,000 using LCC’s over so called premium airlines. I arrived at the five comparing comparale flights and times with BA, LH, LY and LXwith three LCC options, not an exact science but my bank manager and I are very happy.

    Best experience in 2017 was a glorious week in Mauritius, I cannot wait to go back.

    Have a greaaat year with safe travels everyone


    And me as well!!!

    in reply to: Happy New Year


    Openfly + 1

    in reply to: BA/QR comparison


    I have read the various posts here with great interest and clearly for many posters there are sufficient benefits to justify the effort that they make to achieve Silver or Gold status in the BAEC.

    It is also interesting to note that many of you achieve that status without needing or wanting to fly on BA or by flying with them the minimum amount possible but in that regard each to their own as we can all choose to fly with whichever carrier works for us and I totally respect that.

    I think that when you are flying long haul and are fortunate enough to be able to fly in the premium cabins that people get the most out of their avios and tier points and of course then it is much easier to achieve and maintain the higher tiers. I am not so so sure that the same applies to short haul flying when you look at cost v benefit.

    In the last 2 weeks I have been to Aberdeen on business flying out on a Wednesday evening from LGW at 18.30 and returning the next day to LTN at 15.50. On each occasion the cost of my ticket with EasyJet has been £109 return. The cost on BA for flights at comparable times on both occasions was around £490 so my companies total spend on flights for the 2 trips was £218 whereas with BA it would have been £980 so a saving on this occasion of £762. I have an EasyJet plus card which I pay for myself which costs me £199 but this gets me free seat selection, priority boarding and fast track security at the vast majority of airports that I travel to with EasyJet so the cost is more than covered and I am already in profit and my card is not due for renewal until the end of April next year. I would have to pay for the seat selection myself so I gain the benefit of having the card. These 2 trips were booked with 4 days notice.

    I am going to Aberdeen again on the 20th of September so more notice this time and the EasyJet flights are costing £63 with BA costing £219 for their hand baggage only fare so a saving this time of £156.

    Based on these real examples, I am not sure how you would justify the additional cost of the flights against the benefits that you get from Silver or Gold status, if you have some degree of choice in the matter as I know that many of you do not. At most airports for between £20 and £30 I can pay for lounge access so even if you add that to the cost which then gives similar benefits to someone with silver status, for me the cost v benefit does not add up.

    LTN TLV is the route I fly the most at present, almost every month and I make huge savings on this route as well. For example 23rd to 26th November, my next personal trip, EasyJet wanted £221 and BA wanted £492 so another saving, this time £271. El Al were just as expensive as BA

    What do others think, do the silver and or Gold benefits give the kind of value equal to the money saved?

    This is absolutely not a BA bashing post as the savings can be just as good compared to AF/KLM or Lufthansa if I am flying to Europe so the question equally applies to any posters who have high status in the Star or Skyteam alliances.

    I am genuinely interested in the views of others as this was the question posed by the original poster?

    My apologies for the length of this post!


    Hi Martyn – I hope you are well.

    A reliable source of mine at BA who I have known for many years told me that there will be a change to the CW seat on the A350 and that it should mean direct aisle access for all but that it is not yet a final decision but he is 99.9% sure that they will not retrofit the rest of the fleet. That is not necessarily a surprise as they could have gone for a step change with CW and F when they introduced the A380’s and 787’s but they did not, what a pity.

    I never thought I would see the day that I would think that US carriers would have a better hard product than BA. AA and Delta both now offer direct aisle access to all in J class and United’s new Polaris product, from the reviews that I have seen is also much better than BA.

    Have tried AA and Delta product and was very happy with both. I am looking forward to trying the United product at the beginning of October.

    Going off topic for a moment, I am off to Aberdeen this evening for a quick trip returning tomorrow afternoon. BA wanted £492 ex LHR, Easyjet wanted £109 ex LGW on the way there and LTN on the way back. The BA flights are within 60 minutes of the Easyjet flights to give as fair a comparison as possible.

    LGW is 45 minutes from my office on the Thameslink line with no change needed and costs around £10. LHR is about 30-40 minutes depending on how quickly the tube gets me to Paddington and would cost me £21 plus the tube fare. LTN is close to my home in Watford so perfect for the return and a cab home will cost me £30 and from LHR a cab would be £38. I leave it up to you to decide which option I went for?

    in reply to: BA lost its way?


    SimonS1, I agree with FDOS. I have seen and learned from many of your posts but have never seen you go after a fellow poster like this. Were you or are you having a bad day?

    Since the demise of VK and others of his ilk things have been a lot better on this forum. Please do not start taking us back to the bad old days!

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