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  • canucklad

    A simple tip with ATM’s , try and see if it can you a transaction receipt before using it. And always take a receipt at the end.
    I know that most of us are experienced travellers, but for those who are not, there is a big difference between a recognised bank ATM and all these currency exchange machines that seem to be appearing, particularly in tourist hotspots.
    And even if your using a recognised bank, be careful to navigate the (deliberately) confusing language and ensure you select the home (your) rate.
    Gave up trying to explain the differences to the young crew last eek in Tenerife

    Edit to add : On a more practical note, since I travel light,I carry a wee bag of soap powder. plus a few tablets for dodgy stomachs, headaches and gas!


    Great topic Cedric……..

    My most frustrating airline rule…… simply put…. all of them !!

    As LP & frustratedflyer have intimated…..Pointless, petty and as Kingston said…”madness” behaviour driven my human automaton’s who have had all common sense decision making taken away from them, by suspicious micromanagement bosses.
    To be fair , they are probably frustrated working within targets dropped on them from high, more than likely at the behest of their finance directorate .

    Rant over !!


    I was going to let this topic slip by, alas like an elephant in a peanut factor I can’t resist a nibble…..

    !) BOAC/BEA was a long time ago , yet it’s legacy of government intervention lives on within the BA brand. Most significantly it’s preposterous and skewed corporate strength at LHR, allowing it to manipulate slot strategy in its favour. Also and this is my biggest bug bear, it’s historic position ( government inaction) has allowed it to weaken and then take over its primary competitors , BMI and BCal readily spring to mind. If it wasn’t for Delta’s intervention I wonder what Virgin’s fate would have been ???

    2) Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Birmingham , the UK’s second largest conurbation, yet if you want to be patriotic, the closest you can get to waving the flag is to fly FlyBe to CDG and then use AF? .

    3) At EDI and other “regionals” BA got rid of their staff and replaced them with Outsourced, couldn’t really give a damn people. In fact, the only BA people now at EDI are ex BMI staff who were “lucky” enough to be touped” over . And you can tell the difference !!

    4) Without a doubt, BA definitely play on the “smoke and mirrors” marketing ploy, regarding Concorde. Exclusivity and premium service align itself to the aircraft, even if the aircraft doesn’t fly anymore. The subtle (not) placement of the aircraft outside the hangar is evidence of this!! Or put it another way, do you see any old 757’s hanging about?

    Anyway, having said all that BA is now a private business , and a business has to be profitable, so all’s fair in love and war.

    Alas , and to come back to my original point, the ex-government backed airline will always have the advantage…….Air Canada swallowed up its rivals on a very non-level playing field, Qantas the same in Oz, and you could say the same with AF and UTA, but not sure about the latter.


    On another topic, there is talk of LH ditching SN and replacing it with Eurowings.
    I’m going to suggest that LH’s new look is possibly an attempt to surreptitiously aligning their brands into an homogenised brand.
    I might be wrong, but doesn’t Lufthansa’s new blue hue look close to Eurowings blue?

    Oh, and you’re right trident 3, difference is, back in the day UTA’s colour scheme was fresh and different, now it’s just blah !


    Hi Adrian –Just a quick acknowledgement and praise to you. Very, very rarely do we see someone from a company that’s taking a bit of a bashing on here, being pro-active and intervening to find a resolution –Refreshing to see — And without sounding patronising – Well Done.


    Morning lesmcclaren
    Handbags post beat me to it, was going to ask, what’s her name on her passport. If you’ve paid Norwegian for a name change for a ticket and she’s not got a new passport, she’ll need to do that now.

    If the passport doesn’t match the ticket it’s a no go at the airport!!

    By the by, I needed to resolve a ticketing issue with Norwegian (my fault) and I’d give them 10/10. No fuss, no palaver, problem resolved in a friendly efficient manner


    Well Phillip, that makes the e-mail even more barking mad !!

    And I actually think that on domestic routes, they’ve got this HBO model totally the wrong way round.
    Having experienced and witnessed with regularity the boarding chaos at BA’s EDI domestic gate I’d opine that the correct way to go is ……

    Pay less to wait longer, be separated from your cabin bag and enjoy your long stand at T5


    quick question Phillip, were you flying on an HBO fare?

    If so, I’d say that BA were being a bit pro-active, if not I’d say that they clearly have lost the plot!


    I’m assuming the Lufthansa management team have been bamboozled by the jibber jabber talk of their advertising/marketing company ……

    “granting it (crane) more space” blah de blah

    It’s Bland, bland, bland and at airports their aircraft will just blend into the background like never before.
    How many airlines out there adopt a 2 colour livery with the fuselage being blandly white…. Too many!

    Well done Lufthansa, be boring and allow yourself to follow rather than lead !!


    I watched the programme last night, and at the end of it just thought it was an hour of free advertising for SQ as they rightly try and re-establish themselves back into the psyche of the UK’s travelling mass.

    And if I was to give some brand advice to SQ management , it would be simply this…….

    Lead with your strength………..and their strength is the “Singapore Girl” and the values they stand for.

    Unfortunately in our easily offended , jump on the band wagon, socially media led witch hunt mass hysteria homogenised neo liberal western valued world we’d no doubt end up demonizing the airline and turning SQ’s highly trained and educated cabin crew into victims.

    Are they being exploited for financial gain ?
    Absolutely, but so am I and anyone who works for someone else under their rules also are !!

    In the instance of the SQ girls, I’d rather flip the coin and focus on their strengths…….As women they are the iconic image of what Singapore stands for !

    And controversially I’ll add this point….If you see them as sub servant sex objects , then I’d ask ……Who’s got the problem with the relationship?

    After all you’re not flying on Hooters Air !!

    One last thing for Martyn, and apologies for being pedantic, but they didn’t say that they had to fit into the same sized uniform, just they had to fit into the required size!!


    I’m deliberately avoiding lounges and airside restaurants , rather a place you can have a final meal with family, friends or indeed clients . With that in mind , I’d go for YVR

    Firstly the range of options and price ranges allows for choice, but since the topic title uses the word “dining” rather than food I’ll recommend the following…….

    Vino Volo located in the main terminal (domestic) is a nice mixture of wine and food
    But the place to be, and it’s a bit of a cop out, is in the Fairmont Hotel !!

    2 places to choose from, both do fantastic local cuisine from BC and as you never leave the terminal building to enjoy the local weather I’ll nominate it as best airport dining on the globe!!


    A good reminder of some great tips….

    My main tip, and something I don’t really adhere to myself, (BUT SHOULD) is remember even if you’re out and about at home you’re just as much at risk, if not more so because you’re naturally off guard.

    In my case wandering about Edinburgh and Vancouver my wallet bulges out my back pocket, yet when I’m abroad in Johnny Foreigner land I carry a second wallet with limited cash and my top up card, leaving my bulging wallet behind in the safe. ….Totally bonkers !!

    I actually got my plastic wallet pick pocketed abroad last week. In a pub in Tenerife, luckily I checked, when he bumped into me, I challenged him, he denied it, I repeated that I wanted it back and looked over at my mates standing at the bar…..he produced it and fled. If I hadn’t noticed I would have lost my prepaid MasterCard and 40 Euro’s . He did however manage to purloin the 50 Euro note before he handed it back.

    And never forget that it’s not just wallets and money they’re after, totally agree with capetonianm, avoid hookers. Many of my pals have been relieved of rings, watches and gold chains in the street whilst being “Distracted” as they try and shoo them away.

    Riga is/was notorious for people (drunk) getting done over at ATM’s by young Russian led gangs!!

    My final tip, watch what you’re drinking, if it tastes iffy it’s not a branded alcoholic drink so beware of the consequences !!


    As an aside, flew Norwegian from EDI last week ……
    At the gate (regardless of airline) you have a choice of the following….

    The Sun, The Scotsman, The Times (Scottish edition) and a few magazines including Scottish Rugby.

    A few of my less experienced travelling companions were raging that they had already purchased their newspapers from WH Smith !!

    Oh, and thoroughly enjoyed my flight with Norwegian, and reinforces my belief that BA can no longer call themselves a premium airline, buts that’s for another topic.


    Maybe something and somewhere a bit mote quirky Martyn ?

    I’d highly recommend Vigo in Northern Spain ( Galicia,)on the Atlantic ocean. I’m sure that I saw an LH flight on the boards when I was there at the end of last year.

    Off the beaten track, real Spain, few tourists to dilute the feel of the place, great restaurants (apparently -me and my mates survived on tapas) and quite a few things to do , including……

    Nearby Santiago de Compostela, easily accessed by the frequent train service
    A beautiful nature reserve called Cies Island
    and tons of bars along the lovely promenade.

    the best day we had was just getting lost, its a very compact city, so one minute we where in the city centre, next minute sitting in a suburban pub and then 1o minutes later back to somewhere we recognised.


    Without getting into the politics of how this state of affairs came about, I really feel for the all the people affected.

    It truly is one of those situations where the maxim “ Caught between a Rock and a Hard place” becomes a truism. I’m assuming that the economy of this beautiful city is heavily reliant on tourism and thus foreign exchange etc. Yet those same tourists and their welcome spending power are now a burden. A real catch 22 shame.

    On a more positive note, I read both Capetonianm’s and LP’s comments , looked out the office window to see a snowy whiteout blanket the ground. Via the internet I briefly escaped to both George and Mossel Bay. My sparkling blue eyes are now darkly green with envy, ya lucky buggers !!!
    And LP, just keep that spade in your hut, the last thing your beautiful town needs is direct flights from Europe , keep both towns a wee secret gent’s, and you never know, one day I might visit and buy you both a drink : )

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 3,934 total)
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