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  • canucklad

    Indeed capetonianm….and your geography is askew Alex

    I’d rather sit back and take in the view s, and IMO the best views of any train journey anywhere in the UK.
    Especially, between Dunbar and Berwick, (that’s on The right side of the border)….. sipping on a pleasant glass of wine.
    The uncivilized alternative is to trudge along the M8 to the dark side , where invariably you’ll have to navigate the Blue/Green divide …… Having to remind yourself its actually 2018 and not 1690 : )

    And before all the Weedgies jump down my throat, I’ll have to admit that I’ve had some “pure dead brilliant” nights in Glasgow. A great city !!


    To be fair to Swissport, the video ended as another handler approached clearly intent on finding out why so many cases were falling through the blanket cover.
    The man having a “bad day” is clearly an idiot, as is the other guy. Bad day or not, they are just creating more work for themselves.

    If he’s been sacked, then good riddance. Hoping that he doesn’t have a family that relies on his job as income!

    As for the driver…spared jail !!
    Regardless of the provocation, and the judge summed it up perfectly….. The judge said it was “no excuse” for dangerous driving but he thought it was an “absolute disgrace that people cannot deliver people to airports without paying an extraordinary amount”.

    Hopefully, the attendant will take up a private prosecution, although you’d have to describe him as a jobs worth on steroids. The airport should be proud that this guy’s loyalty to the cause endangered his own life, just to protect the airports disgraceful revenue stream


    Looking forward to your travel report, even if it does make me incredibly jealous : )


    Norwegian are citing the failure of the SNP government to live up to their promise to reduce APD.
    Quite saddened by the decision, flew with them earlier on in the year to Tenerife, and they were definitely superior to Easyjet and obviously Ryanair.
    Having said that my mate wasn’t that impressed with their Trans-Atlantic offering, especially the Ryanairish tactic of landing you somewhere near nowhere.

    Back to Emirates, I noticed during Arsenal’s game yesterday that the advertising boards mentioned the new route from Edinburgh, but I wonder who their target audience is?

    To be successful , they can’t threaten their existing GLA/NCL traffic, and what can they learn from Etihad’s failure and more importantly QR’s success.
    I champion my local airport, yet it’s recent success has transformed the airport experience into something close to a scrum. Starting with an access road that hasn’t been updated since the 70’s .
    And apparently the Edinburgh council point blank refusing to take fiscal responsibility to upgrade it.


    I’ve been incredibly lucky to enjoy many ,many travel adventures thus percentage wise misadventures have occurred regularly through the years ….So much so, that when things go wrong, I’m generally not fazed by events.

    I think, my earliest memory was the family trying to get back to Scotland for a summer vacation.
    Travelling on staff tickets, and at a time when fireman at Canadian airports were disrupting travel with wildcat industrial action meant that my father had to negotiate both a physical and verbal (staff reservations) path back to the UK.

    Rather than fly direct with one stop (Calgary/Edmonton) to Amsterdam as we normally would , our routing , as best as I remember was …..

    Bumped off the YVR-YEG-AMs , we managed to get on a domestic flight to YYC after the AMS flight departed without us. Stayed in a grubby airport motel, hoping to catch the YVR-YYC –AMS flight the next day.
    Advised that flight would “probably/likely” make an unscheduled stop in YWG to pick up passengers from a cancelled flight and that the YYC-YWG would be full due to domestic pressures, it would be best to get to Winnipeg before the flight ,that ironically originated in YVR.
    After another domestic flight we arrived in Manitoba.
    Hoping that the flight would arrive and more importantly have seat availability , we waited in Winnipeg, I sensed my parents nervousness as the gate filled up with people. But more importantly the Orange Jet finally appeared. Domestic passengers of loaded, the AMS bound passengers then filled up the full “Y” cabin. Thankfully the gate agent, aware of the family holiday and the travails of travelling with children , found us seats in 1st Class. We still couldn’t take –off because the local fireman stood down , no cover, no take-off jeopardising the flight that day. Something must have happened behind the scenes because , minutes before curfew and after hours of sitting on the aircraft we were eventually on our way to Amsterdam.

    My Dad, and to a lesser extent mum, took full advantage of the legendary CP Air service, helped by my Dad being a well-known employee at YVR , and the cabin crew being YVR based. Consequently and also because our flight was late, our planned connections on Air Anqlia direct to EDI went awry.

    Thanks to the brilliant KLM person at the transfer desk, we were re-routed to LHR on KLM and then up to GLA on BEA . Finally in Scotland, and late in the evening , we had to face our final hurdle. How to get from GLA to Edinburgh. Bearing in mind my dad was in no fit state to drive , although soberer than when he was in AMS , and it was back in the 70’s , no mean feat. 2 buses and a local taxi ride later, we eventually rolled up at my Grandmother’s house in Stockbridge just after midnight.

    As I look back, I realize I’ve learnt a lot of lessons from that one trip alone!!


    I’m not sure if Holiday Inn Expresses are considered “budget hotels” .
    If they are , then it’s a thumbs up recommendation from me for the following hotels and their very friendly staff….
    And actually my first choice over “grander hotels” even when they fall within company policy if I’m working in those cities /towns….

    1) Newcastle City centre – classic Geordie hospitality and friendliness
    2) Stockport – a breakfast that sets you up , and welcoming staff
    3) Derby- as above, although where it’s located is pretty naff

    It has to be said, I’m pretty easy to please and at times when I stay at some top end establishments I really don’t feel as if I’m getting the same value for money, even if I am going to claim it back.


    I wonder if they’ll fudge/muddy the issue by citing the carrier as Titan Airways?


    I’ve read the article and I wonder how much of this is leaking for the sake of leaking…….

    And if it’s anywhere near as bad as the report makes out, then the negligence, or more likely , a “denial approach” is at the EU end.
    The big hitters in the EU, including the Dutch are probably locked into a belief system that we will have a 2nd referendum, and this leak perhaps makes this more likely.

    I predicted on another topic, that the undemocratic EU have a tried and tested methodology of reversing votes they don’t like.
    This leaked report falls into this playbook. The 3rd of the 4 phases I talked about earlier

    However, I’d argue why should we worry . It’s all about choices……

    BA through LHR/LGW
    TK/QR/EK through the Mid-East

    And this is where the onus is on KLM and the Dutch government…. Can KL/AF really afford to turn away that amount of traffic, because their EU masters refuse to accept the will (albeit slight) of the UK voter ?


    In other words , and dependant on your travel patterns, a passport in reality only has 9 years and 4 months validation.
    Don’t think the government trying to rip us off, just think that the company managing such things just doesn’t have nuance to add value to time !


    It reminds me of the 2 Ronnies sketch…….
    What happened to F in ……….


    If I was you I’d take to Twitter or Facebook , ensuring you # BA into your tale of disappointment at your effort to catch a final flight on the magnificent BA 767 …… I assume BA don’t monitor this forum, but they sure as hell have social media checkers keeping an eye out for potential negative stories.

    What have you got to lose ??


    My understanding is that CVV’s were not stored, but snatched at the time you put them in, the same way as a card skimmer works. that said i am no IT expert, I know some on here are.

    If that’s the case, the question I’d have to ask BA is, exactly how long was your systems compromised ?


    On the other thread relating to this breach, I mentioned that I found it impossible to belief that BA would have a payment system in place that retained customers CVV numbers.

    I’m concerned that the CVV numbers have been lifted but the cards are no more.

    If it is indeed true, (I’m still in denial that a supposed blue chip company can be so negligent) I’m surprised that BA are still allowed to accept online bookings..

    In my world, I’ve had to manage outsource partners processes , because they have not satisfied the regulators when taking payments on our behalf. The stringency attached is quite rightly, as tight as 2 coats of paint.
    12 of the 16 numbers must be securely coded if retained & the CVV number is never retained, in fact the customer remotely verifies this independently from our billing system!!

    So I still refuse to accept the CVV angle to this breach, its just so unbelievable !!


    Hi Flyboy18

    I’d love the management at BA to understand a couple of basic principles of delivering a memorable positive customer service , that encourages customers to become advocates.

    !) Passengers are not the most important people in your organization – Your people are, especially customer facing people !!
    2) Attention to detail- small things make a huge difference, and as per point 1, if you have disenfranchised staff, they’ll let the small things slip ……. We, as fare paying customers won’t !!
    3) Those small things cost little. I remember with fondness , TK’s smiling cabin crew welcoming everybody on board , whilst the aircraft taxied with Pieces of Turkish Delight, and that was in Y .
    I also remember CX’s penny pinching over their pepper sachets, you have to ask for pepper!!

    My point is, BA should be applauded as they seek to deliver a, better quality meal , but that will come at a price.
    Do&Co management are under the same financial constraints that Gate Gourmet will be under. Can they sustain that pressure , time will tell?

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    I’d only contact BA by going through the official website pulled up through an internet browser. Then login to my BAEC in the normal manner and follow the path.

    Ignore links sent to you in familiar looking BA branded e-mails.

    Much, much more concerning and if it’s true, is the CVC breach mentioned by Gold-2K
    I can’t think of any circumstance that a company would retain your CVC number. Or even have the mechanics to do so.

    If BA has retained and then released this private number, than I’m afraid they are going to get hammered by the regulators. Quite possibly have their licence to take online payments revoked — It’s just not possible.

    it’s so unbelievable that a British company can be so reckless , I’m going to assume that the e-mail Gold”K received was a SPAM following on from the original breach, trying to SLAM him for further information to complete the circle.

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