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  • canucklad

    To add to handbags suggestion, take funicular railway up to the peak, and take the bus down , sitting on the top deck and at the front, is certainly an experience. also whilst up there, your 2 ladies can head to the Shrimp /Louisiana restaurant (can’t recall its name) and indulge themselves with one of the best views (weather permitting) of the harbour whilst sharing a relatively cheap bottle of wine.

    Also , if they choose to go to the Buddha (Lantau island) they can kill 2 birds with one stone and do a bit of shopping as well . Tung Chung has a big shopping centre, off the tourist track (trap) as well as being the starting point of the cable car to the Buddha. I’d also encourage them to take the MTR from Kowloon to Tung Chung, visit the Buddha and get the bus from the Buddha to Mui Wo and then catch the slow ferry back to Central. Sorry, don’t know the times.

    And , I’m not suggesting their alkies, but another option is to head for the Aqua Bar to see the Symphony of Lights. IMO has the best views over the harbour whilst sharing a bottle of (more expensive) wine.

    And almost forgot -if they still have time to spare, and they like cute cuddly things, head to Ocean Park– their Panda’s are definitely more active than our own 2 sloths at Edinburgh zoo.


    I know it was covered ages ago, under a different topic but I hey ho its worth a mention here as well , since we’re taking about retro gear…..

    Searching for some old golf gear in my spare cupboard a few weeks ago I came across a few flight bags in an old case…… I was tempted to resurrect this humble piece of hand luggage, but chickened out at the last moment because I didn’t want people to get the wrong idea…..
    I’m not sure what that “idea” is, but I’ve stuck to my trusted small north face rucksack as I fly about .

    My question to my fellow BT contributors would be……

    Would you be brave enough to drape an old CP Air /TCA/ BOAC or 70’s BA flight bag over your shoulder as you traipse through the airport ?

    What I did come across and will definitely use is an old KLM document holder ….. perfect for passport, printed boarding passes and printed hotel confirmations

    in reply to: Third World Tech


    Like all surveys it’s how you originally set yourself for success…..

    Well worth another watch……


    Firstly congratulations handbag, enjoy the start of all the new opportunities that lie ahead of you ….

    Now back to the video’s……

    As far as using children, I’d say that it’s akin to those annoying parents who assume that by dangling a “Child on board” sign the driver behind is going to suddenly start to drive like a Valium fuelled Nana Mouskouri

    Back to the BA video, I love the concept, alas IMO the people who created it seemed to have missed the primary point of the video— To educate people on safety !!

    They would have achieved this if they had kept to a few simple rules …..

    There are too many people talking….This reduces the capability of the average human brain to tune into the tonality /speech rhythms of the messenger !
    The visual aids tend not to be associated with how to use them in context – a perfect example is Rob Brydon’s seatbelt over the blanket piece.
    Enunciation needs to be clear—Now we know Gordon Ramsay is known for a rant, all very good, but his audience here isn’t a failing restaurateur, rather a passenger (potentially novice) who needs clear instruction —- All he needed to do was slow down a bit –Job done!!
    And I’d be asking, what does a coloured streamer look like ?

    For me, keep it simple and the jokes would have had more impact !!

    Finally ,using Ba’s signature tune “Flower Duet from Lakme” is the producers attempt at bringing brevity to the overall message .

    in reply to: More BAd news….


    Hi Johnhighlander
    It’s easy peasy, the MTR is about the easiest transit system I’ve used.all stations have an English name, some even sound as if you’re in the middle of London.

    Also the map is very much based on the tube design.

    A couple of tips to make life easier ….

    They must get an Octopus card when they arrive at HKG. I’d top up with £250 HK dollars to get started — This will allow them to travel on buses, trams, the Star Ferry and outlying island ferries. It will even allow them to purchase items from 7/11 shops, including topping up the card.

    Tip 2: At the larger stations check the exit maps found on the concourse. Especially applicable at Central/IFC where a wrong turning can lead to a trek. Although getting lost in HK is a wondrous experience.

    As for shopping, lots of markets in Kowloon, the biggest being the Night market, for high end stuff head to the IFC mall

    Lastly, I’d totally encourage them to explore, especially using the ferries — A meal in Discovery Bay ( pier 3) is most pleasant

    Hope they enjoy themselves….


    My mate’s a manager with a well known high street bookmakers……
    They also had atrocious results from an internal employee satisfaction survey.

    Very simple — his top management took a very pragmatic approach to the results.
    Assume that the employees didn’t understand the questions and resubmit the survey, with the further instruction that all frontline managers had to do a training session to support their employees on how to answer the survey questions correctly.

    2 months later, the revised survey showed a far happier and contented workforce.

    Simple when you know how….


    Great to read positive feedback TOH2
    Was fully expecting to read on and discover that the BAEC hadn’t reserved your seat on the next day’s flight.
    All too often BA get a bad rap (guilty at times) here, yet balance is always a welcome approach to debate BA and its foibles.

    in reply to: BA251, Monday 4 June


    Firstly, welcome to the forum Fernieside94
    And onto your point …….. doesn’t bother me in the slightest

    And it seems to me, to be a bit of a cultural thing…….
    it normally happens abroad when me and my mates congregate in bars, reception areas , check-in desks whatever.
    Mix in a Dutch accent and it’s actually quite affable.

    And the highlight of any of my personal/business trips I take is to come across someone who is older than me, even better when they’re clearly only slightly older and they refer to me as “Son” .
    And when travelling around Scotland when someone calls me” laddie” then rest assured I spend the next hour strutting about like a peacock, albeit a 54 year old peacock.


    On Norberts2008’s point, It does aromatically stun me, when parents assume it’s an infringement on their human rights when challenged on their choice of location to change their pride and joy.

    Never mind lounges, I’ve had to put up with the stench of infant pong on adjoining aircraft seats, train tables and a not so discreet corner of a fast food outlet ……….. When a member of staff pointed out alternatives, the invariable reply has always been ………..

    “It’s only a baby”

    So to any young parents out there, reading this ………..
    You nose might be immune to your little bundle of joys nappy fragrance, but to the rest of us…be assured……. Your baby’s nappy pong reeks of a stench that can’t be covered up by a sprinkling of talc!!


    Hey AST, are you suggesting that women are better cooks?


    Yep, I’m sitting here imagining the future, as an 84 year old sitting on the inaugural EDI-LHR flight to use the new runway……… My 3rd generation solar powered Airbus Sunliner is on its final approach over West London, the robot crew member just clearing away the rubbish left over from our £327 sandwich and G&T.

    Roll on ….the year 2048 !!


    Martyn’s story above reminded me of an OAP pals issue with the airport ATM at Krakow last year….

    A group of us went over for his younger brothers 65th birthday, ages ranging from early 20’s to grumpy ol’ Jimmy !!

    We passed security and headed to the bar, collectively pulling together the last of our Zloty’s to purchase a final beer or vodka.
    All except for 1 ………” Where’s jimmy? “ was the cry………

    10 minutes later, an angry man was seen gesticulating, furiously wielding his walking stick like a medieval warrior brandishing his sword.
    The highly polished floor disappeared quickly as our very own Victor Mel drew approached the bar.

    “Oh, look, its Jimmy !!!” ………. and before we could ask where he had got to, we were greeted with a barrage of mumbling expletives ……….
    “ What the ********, ********, ****** am I supposed to do with all these ********* Zloty things ??? “

    Where did you get them ?

    “I went to the bank machine and I definitely pressed the Union jack button, and the *******,******* still gave me Zlotys “

    Suddenly realizing our new wealth in local currency,
    “Just get to the bar, you stupid old goat “ was the next words that collectively left our mouths ……….


    I wonder if they would consider a JFK – LHR/ZRH leg and then back home and vice versa ? The worlds only premium RTW flight !!


    My mate also swears by his Revolut card …….

    What gets me is the jargon filled , almost always ambiguous language that is used when offering you a choice of options. I’ve also noticed recently the practice of varying terminology from ATM/ device when having to decide what to do.

    I always assumed that choosing the “home rate” was opting for the bank rate and that opting for “local currency” meant the tourist rate.

    Daft me….I’ll be more careful next time.

    And on a serious note, considering the trouble banks have got themselves into recently, over a whole variety of misdemeanours why would they create further confusion that could come back to bite them in the bum.

    Surely, withdrawing money should simply be set at the cheapest rate available at point of sale ?


    I must admit, the one certain thing I took from the headcount was that cabin crew weren’t versed in the art of subtraction : )
    I’ve never understood, that why on an aircraft that has 200 seats, someone would count/click 191 skulls rather than 9 empty seats, but hey-ho that’s one of the reasons I assumed it was a regulatory procedure.
    Thanks for the clarification openfly.

    Enjoy your holiday Chris, and no doubt you’ll need another one by the time you get back : )

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