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  • canucklad

    Like capetonianm I struggle to reach the land of nod.

    Most memorable sleep, YVR to LHR in AC’s Exec class. Served 3 course dinner, FA asked if I wanted an after dinner drink, ordered a large toddy, arrived in a ceramic mug, started watching Gran Torino as we entered Albertan airspace, and was woken up with brekkie over Manchester, never seeing more than the first half hour of the film.

    Made me wish I was affluent enough to fly long haul like that all the time : )



    Some great deals here too, just popped into my inbox……..

    Fancy Zanzibar from £419

    and for those not wanting to venture that far and don’t mind slumming it……

    Sadly, won’t be taking up any offers as I’m all booked out till August : )


    Morning LP & Derek, you’re spot on with the first 2, but the clue to the 3rd was New York.

    Nevereconomy, you’re right, When they talk about junk food, this is the crème de la crème of junk food. Especially when you add mustard, onions and ketchup into the bun…… You can’t beat a proper ol’ fashioned Coney Island Hot Dog.

    However, I’d much rather choose to tuck into a couple of slices of Stornoway black pudding. , But the king of black puddings has got to be the humble Aultbea black pudding,, served up in hotels all along the Moray Firth…..Sensational !

    Back on topic, I’ve travelled far and wide and come across stuff I’ve turned my nose up, particularly in Asia, and stuff I’ve eaten, not knowing what it was beforehand.

    And, I need to admit that I’m a coward, I don’t want to know, it’s easier that way, and as such less difficult to offend, especially as I suffer from facial Tourette’s.
    Just think about dissecting a menu in a rural French establishment, or a Lithuanian cafe..

    Then again, and without doubt, the meal moment from hell that is seared, or rather BOILED forever into my mind as a living reminder that we should never look down on other cultures bizarre eating habits happened on a visit to the old country (Granny and Edinburgh) from a McDonald’s modern city called Vancouver!!

    Like yesterday, I recall walking in to that tenement house in Stockbridge, to be nasally skelped with the absolute gut wrenching stench of something or another, and will stay with me until I breathe my last breath.
    And worst of all, to be then told it was our dinner that was assaulting my senses, made it seem like some sort of teenage punishment that only a tribe of Calvinism loving kilted masochistic folk could invent.

    And that invention to torture Canadian teenagers ……… Scrubbed Tripe and Onions boiled in milk ……..Yuk -Yuk –Yuk


    LP, I’ve mentioned this before, and is still worthy of mention when chatting about movies in the air. Air Canada in their blockbusting wisdom opted to load up the hit movie of 1975 onto their 747’s that plied the route between YYZ & YVR..
    The film stared Charlton Heston, Karen Black and George Kennedy, Gloria Swanson also made her final movie appearance and was the .highest grossing film of the year.

    Back to the main theme about crying on-board. I’d challenge anybody and everybody to stay arid dry as you watch the film Marley and Me………And LP , I’d bet that Mrs. LP would be proud of you as you tried to sneakily wipe the tears of your cheeks : )


    Thought Friday had come early Martyn : )

    So thought I’d have some fun

    At home I’ve recently munched down on the following exotics meals, consisting of……

    1) A sheep’s pluck; minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed in with stock, all encased in the animal’s stomach
    2) Pork fat and beef suet, pork blood, a proportion of oatmeal, mixed with barley groats.

    And whilst in New York, it’s a definite must that you try this local delicacy…..
    3) A meat trimmings consisting pink slime, meat slurry and flavored with salt, garlic, and paprika, cured in sodium erythorbate and sodium nitrite all encased in a synthetic edible tube

    Yum, yum, yum, it’s almost lunch time.


    Hi Polly and SwissExPat
    It all happened so fast, I just had time to grab my passport out the side pocket. As I fly quite frequently on LCC’s around Europe, I now have a wee bag inside my carry on luggage containing my tablets and stuff I need on-board. Easily accessible when the tag waving person approaches.
    To clarify SwissExPat, the airline didn’t lose my luggage, the camera just didn’t make it as far as the bag : )
    The insurance company argued that I was negligent, because I’d allowed myself to be parted with my belongings. In the world of travel insurance the act of checking in your luggage is apparently an act of negligence. They argued their liability finished when I rendered control of my possessions to the airline.
    To say I was gobsmacked at the refusal is an understatement for you to decide. Especially when I know the same insurance company paid out more that £250’s to a friend who had money stolen from his shoes on a beach ,whilst he sunbathed.
    The value of the camera…a mere £120


    Actually Capetonianm, if trains like planes were diverted due to bad behaviour I’d never ever have reached my destination. So hats off to you taking direct action.
    And as Joe says it’s not just the domain of the Buckfast swilling brigade.
    If I had a dollar for the amount of times I’ve come across Champagne Charlie’s making total phallic shapes of themselves, happy to replicate St Andrews fresher week at 125 mph I’d be as rich as their parents.

    Alas, unlike Eurostar, the train crews I’ve encountered only seem to use their powers to chastise and threaten the neds from the scheme and choose to ignore the wannabe Bullingdon bullies
    In fact I’d go as far to say , some crew seem to be intimated by these buffoons.
    On the evidence I’ve seen, the class system in the UK is alive and kicking.
    Chuck a couple of marbles in your mouth and you can get away with almost anything!!


    On the back of DerekVH’s post here’s something else to consider.

    My hand luggage was taken off me due to others execxes and placed in the hold !
    At the other end, I’m reunited with my bag, minus a camera loaded with priceless memories.

    Went and got my police report, complained to the airline and claimed on my insurance. My first ever claim.

    Alas, because I wasn’t personally in possession of the camera at the time of the criminal act I wasn’t entitled to my claim. It seems that as soon as you trustingly handover your possessions to the airline, insurance companies deem you as being reckless and careless!


    Alas, I’ll be helping to keep the wheels of industry turning back here in Blighty.
    Have a great craich’ing night, and in my absence can I recommend a favoured cocktail of mine…..

    A Canadian Hi-Ball – Very refreshing, especially in the humid nights of Bangkok


    Thought I’d share a few odd, amusing and infuriating stories to do with background noise…..

    Firstly, many moons ago my company went all hip and modern and decided to reflect this with their hold music. So Vivaldi gets ditched to be replaced by the best of The Rolling Stones. The complaints department suddenly experienced an increase in call volume as other areas of the business either transferred or seeked advice from those agents.
    Consequently queue limes increased as already disgruntled customers waited in line listening to Mick Jagger belt out such classics as ……………….”I can’t get no satisfaction “ ….Priceless

    The second two stories come directly from my local village pub and their management of the on –going relentless noise out of the juke box…….
    Friday night and my mates and I arrive after playing football to a near deserted bar, and settle down to watch the live football game on the Sky Sports. Everyone in the bar is interested in watching the football and we request that the commentary is turned up. The young barmaid dutifully complies and the sound bar rises from “0” to “50” . We then logically ask for the juke box to be switched off for the duration. …. 2oh I’m not allowed to do that she proclaims, but I’ll turn the volume down by half. . Resulting in an inability to hear anything as both systems drowned out the other, negating the enjoyment of either. Could this young lass understand the quandary …. Nope, it was pubs rule that both had to be played as not to upset music lovers and football fans!! ….. Totally barking mad!!

    Finally and annoyingly, a dreich and drenched Saturday afternoon , and all is well in the pub,. Lively chat, jocular jesting and even the horses racing like donkeys couldn’t dampen our spirits. Sadly it was all a bit too wet and the local football teams game is called off . With nothing to do, 8 of the players arrive, order up their lagers, request that the juke box is turned up to blareific levels and opt for trance-techno tunes. What do they do next. All sit at the same table and play on their phones for the next 2 hours. Not once talking to each other. ……Infuriating : (


    Hi Neil
    It’s been a while since I’ve been down under, and yet my fellow contributors have brought back brilliant memories and I can’t disagree with anybody.

    Byron Bay is a definite if you want a taste of real Australia. Head to the local RSL to get a feel of local life and then onto the local pub. We had a great day playing pool whilst it chucked down outside, so much so that our jovial host presented us with a fresh basket of Byron Bay oysters as we continued our journey to Melbourne..
    Blue Mountains is a must, again we went very local and stayed at a B&B in Lithgow, apologies that I can’t remember its name, but I’m sure the Aussie hospitality can almost be guaranteed.regardless of where you book.

    In Sydney itself, and if you’re feeling brave head to Darlinghurst Road in Kings Cross.
    Not sure how much it’s changed since the last time I was there, but it is certainly was an eye opener and had a more vibrant edgy buzz to the area than the touristy bits. Bearing in mind I had the advantage of staying with my best mate and his family, so local knowledge definitely helped!!

    One tip I’d definitely advise, get an Opal card, Sydney’s equivalent of an Octopus card !

    in reply to: What to do in Sydney?


    Maybe my simplistic approach to most things means I’m missing something other than the bleedin obvious here…….

    They were willing to put you up in the Sofitel overnight at a cost to themselves.
    Yet they’re not willing to pay for a taxi ride, forgoing the cost of the hotel ?

    Bonkers logic, and probably bonkers arithmetically too!!


    Hi seasonedtraveller
    I’ve been brown enveloped and restructured quite a few times in my life. And I whole heartedly agree with capetonianm.
    Whereas before you’d imagine a gamble, you’ll now see the same as opportunities to embrace.
    Choose wisely and you’ll probably regret not grabbing the gamble earlier.

    All the best, and hope your bank account fills up accordingly.


    Interesting and excellent points, many have been covered before, but I’m going to question whether or not anyone can really predict where the ME3 or 4 if you include TK , will be in 15 years’ time.

    Firstly, their finances……And this is written with envy, as my famous team perpetually struggles …..Name an airline , apart from the ME3, anywhere else in the world that has an endless treasure chest to chuck at football teams. The recent Neymar transfer reeks of cross subsidising to flout rules, And how successful would Man City be without Etihad’s sponsorship.. I’d suggest that the first signs of financial strife with the ME3 will surface at this level.

    Secondly, and selfishly I welcome the ME3 ‘s confidence and faith in our regions. . and in particular their investment in EDI has clearly paid off. Reminds me of the film “Field of Dreams” .
    Where once you could see BA staff wearing their uniforms with pride, ,that’s now been replaced with the colours of Qatar and Etihad . So long may they be successful.

    Sadly though, back to my original point. The realization that we are now living in an era, now more unstable than it has been for many years for many reasons. Then remind ourselves, theprimary global reasons why we are where we are, and you can’t help but conclude that the ME4 are right in the middle of the cauldron of instability..

    Never mind 15 years from now, as far as the ME3 are concerned we’re only ever 24 hours away from not predicting how successful their going to be. As the management team at TK have found out to their cost recently.

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