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  • SwissExPat

    I had a look on and though to buy one.

    Looking at between stg 77 and 100. And this for 1 year license.

    (Seems in the USA it is more like US$40)

    I looked at the reviews.. and deicded to pass. Most reviews were terrible.


    I tried the dine on board with Swiss in Y.

    The meal quality and service was excellent.

    It was essemtially a business class meal. CLoth napkin and proper cutlery.

    I would do it every time if in Y with LX.

    However, as they do not have a Premium Economy service, I tend to avoid them.


    Reinstate the system from 1 year ago..

    Trolley with snacks and Beer/wine/spirits/water/tea/coffee distributed to PAX who paid for it in their ticket price as a full service airline.


    [If Swiss can do this between ZRH and LHR then so should BA]



    As a former Hilton Diamond member for numerous years, please dont get me started.

    The good people at Hilton decided a few years ago that if you tagged on a redemption night to a stay (which I often did) that this would the disallow the WHOLE stay as counting for Status. I lost mine that year and now am lost to Hilton honours as a result.

    So perhaps not the greatest example of a loyal and encouranging FF program.


    To follow up on my point about TIER points in excess of the Threshold, I would further reinforce my arguement as follows.

    With BA, the ‘COST’ of getting (or renewing) Silver or Gold is 600 or 1500 Tier points respectively.

    So why would they essentially charge you more than these amounts for the benefit of 12 months access to Silver or Gold level benefits ? [If you bought an item in a shop for 6 pounds and handed in a 10 pound note, you would get 4 back]

    I believe the excess over the threshold could in some way be used in a future period (with some limits) so as to make up a defecit. Maybe this is actually what happens behind the scenes with BA but not with LH.

    Also I note that BA have introduced a PATERNITY credit for continuing the benfits of BAEC Status for a paternity period. So it seems that there is some recognition of that fact that members sometimes have a break from travel.


    I rent alot out of Dublin.

    The ‘Rub’ there is that if you rent from one of the smaller outfits or you useg an Aggregator to book with the Bigger guys like Avis/Hertz, they will send you to the OFF-Airport main Car rental Hub which is a shuttle ride away.

    Rent with Hertz/Avis/Sixt/Europcar and be a member of their FF program, and you get on airport service with the car (collect and drop off) in the Terminal building. THis is a minimum 30 minute saving at both collection and drop off and significantly reduces the hassle factor.

    Prices are often a bit more than the aggregators but for me, definitely worth it.


    Actually on re-reading Norman’s inital email, the following struck me.

    I expect that in prior years, Norman and others exceeded the Tier POint requirements for whatever level. I know I have.

    Then at the end of the accumulation period, the airline wipes your points so the Tier points in excess of the threshold are lost/wasted/ ie of no value.

    Is there an arguememt for these to be carried forward ?

    NOte that conversely, Avios/airmiles do not expire for usually quite a period after the year in which they were accrued expires? so why the difference?

    I find that once I have made the tier points for the next year (usually BA) then I switch to other airlines so as to try maybe a status card elsewhere or to try another product (I’ve tested Alitalia, Air France etc) without losing out. This acts to rob BA of additional revenue and is surely not what they want.

    Any views ?


    Heppened to me maybe 10 years ago with BA, I was maybe 50 Tier points shy of Silver, (having been silver a few year in a row).

    Without asking, they sent me a renewal Silver card and noted I was a few points short but given the economic situation at the time recgignised that some fall off was happening generally they were glad to renwew at Silver.

    I did not complain!



    Managed to get this deal again…. in Feb 2018… the base fare was a bit more but still only an extra E49 for business on a 2 hour flight.

    Great value.


    Maybe 10 years ago, This happened to me on EI transatlantic. I was in J and it was full. My IFE and Mrs ExPats did not work. I found out that they knew about this before take off and had tried to repair it before take off. I was only told about the defect when the doors closed up.

    The offered me Euro 200 in vouchers (which could only be used in a travel agent on non web fares, remember the days).

    I rejected and issued a small claims court writ.

    The court clerk called a few weeks later and indicated that EI would agree to my initil request which was 2 vouchers for a Y to J upgrade on a Transatlantic route.

    If it happened again I would do the same thing. The IFE is an advertised part of the service and one pays a premium (especially in J) to have an enjoyable journey including IFE. I am happy for a Judge to decide on the merits if I have no success with the airline.

    Only difference now is really that with the advent of Laptop and iPad based entertainment, I’d probably be able to enjoy the journey anyway. I would have thought that it would be a good idea to have a few spare Ipads on flights in case a few seats go down.


    Thanks @rferguson

    I have taken a look and this will certainly influence my decision on purchases for my NYC trips in 2018.

    Even in there are FIRST returns ex LHR for stg 2100.

    If I wanted the F cabin, then it would make a substantial saving for me to aviod the Ex Europe fares which are double (in F). using Avios I will do single journey into LHR and then connect.

    The savings in Y+ are not there but in F it makes lots of sense. F is only stg 200 more than J each way on almost all the dates I looked at. [the normal J to F cash upgrade price which I often used to buy at LHR is in the region of stg 450]. However there is IMHO significant value in KNOWING That you have a F booking and that you can look forward to the CCR experience. [ok NOT SWISS or LH levels but certainly better that J]

    Many Thanks


    Many Thanks for the feedback

    I do note however that on different days, the same fare is offered by Ebookers and I beleieve these guys are quite credible.. I have used them a few times before and had no issue.


    As an aside, I was booked in Y+ on Iberia (JFK to MAD) conneting on to ZRH.

    At at check in online, I was offered an upgrade to business BUT only on the MAD to ZRH leg for Euro 49 per person. [so not on the longer transatlantic sector]

    I tried to click through to book this but the system crashed and I could only check in at the airport (bummer)

    At checkin the agent asked if I still wanted the upgrade (it was held in the system) and I said ok and paid the Euro 100 for 2.

    for a 2 hour connection travelling with Mrs ExPat it proved to be decent value.

    So it seems the whole upgrade experience online leaves alot to be desired on Iberia also


    I would have expected that the matter of bad weather is relatively easy to judge.

    If other planes are operating normally (to/from) the affected destinations, then weather is not a cause of the cancellation.



    For me, yes definitely the introduction of BoB substantially reduced the Image of BA. Very much one in the Eye for the higher BAEC members. Nothing left to differentiate from the LCC (Ryanair and Easyjet)

    I also notice the inconsistency between flights into LHR/LGW and those to LCY (operated by BA EXpress) whete food and Beverage is still supplied without cost.

    However, there is another aspect that I find more of an issue.

    It is about Competition.

    The price of the Alcohol on board is excessive and the only way to temper this is for Competition to reduce prices.

    However, I understand that generally airlines absolutely ‘Forbid’ you consuming Personally provided alcohol (which you can buy in the Airport) and hence this provides them with a Kartel situation once the flight takes off. You either buy from them our you don’t consume.

    Nice business if you can get it!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 573 total)
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