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    Need to dash to Toronto for a few days next week.

    The office has given me a choice of J each way on a 787, or F out and J back on a 747. The timing differences are immaterial and I am not short of TPs or Avios!

    Any thoughts?


    given the Dreamliner has a standard club product, and they didnt enhance, personally I would do the 747 with F one way.

    Having experienced the BA 787, I would go for that option.


    Why not ….out F on the 747 and return J on the 787 ?


    Both ways 747.


    Leaving aside the fact that as a personal matter I am not prepared to fly on a B787 until they have all been in the air for a few months without anything going bang, phut or fizz, I would take the 747 option if it has New First (especially as it is on the outbound so you can enjoy the experience of the Concorde Room). If it is Old First – well, that depends on whether the prospect of the B787 is something that excites you more than the improved on-ground experience on the outbound. Doesn’t do it for me, particularly, since I don’t really see that the B787 is going to be a step-change in the on-board experience (although I am willing to be convinced otherwise) – unlike, say, the A380 where the quietness is something significantly different. In the interests of balance I should say I will be equally unexcited about the A350, again unless it is apparent that the experience on board is going to be a step-change. As it is, I think only the superjumbo provides that at the moment.


    I’m with Ian I’m afraid…..747 all the way !

    Still don’t know how the 787 got it’s certifacate to fly…well actually I do : (

    If it had been an Airbus, you can guarantee they would have remained grounded until the root cause was identified and sorted.

    18 months of no “fire” incidents” before i will get on one….

    And if it is old “F” it is a relatively short hop across the pond ! : )


    So it’s either a clapped out 747, or a new place that has had it’s fair share of “teething problems”.


    How did the 787 achieve its certificate of airworthiness, then?


    Now if it was economy class it would be a non brainer.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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