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  • capetonianm

    I cannot tell you how many times in various jobs this has been a bone of contention.

    Back office people/sales people/managers saying : “This is the new procedure.”

    Front line people who actually face customers saying : “It won’t work because ….”

    And then the fight started!

    At one point I was responsible for a busy international ticket desk with about 8 staff. Some bean counter decided that the agents shouldn’t spend more than 3 minutes per passenger (average was 10-15 with a complex reissue and rerouting). I explained that we were generating revenue for the airline since there were usually change fees and fare differences chargeable on voluntary changes and reroutes, and we often did paid upgrades. Because most transactions were not new sales, but changes to existing tickets, they saw us a cost centre rather than a profit centre. This was prior to the days of electronic tickets.


    Oh yes. We (cabin crew) heard the same about the ‘new’ (now old) Club World trolley service when we complained to BA that passengers onboard were complaining to us about how long a meal service was taking. ‘Oh we’ve not had any complaints about that’. Six months later, trolley thrown in the bin and millions in new equipment written off as it’s decided the service is taking too long.

    This is the problem when managers take decisions from their office without involving the client facing staff. We witness this not only in the air, but also on the ground, irrespective of the industry. Appalling, especially since every educated manager knows about it. But it continues…

    Indeed. Sadly happens in many industries. Managers who take decisions without ever seeing real customers, surrounded by advisers who prefer to brown nose rather than feed the facts.

    Many aspects of BA are like that, including customer service outsourced half the world away to people who may never have set foot in an aircraft before.

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    Speed of new product roll-out depends on so many factors. When US Airways updated J on their 7 A330 it took forever, because they simply could not take them out of service.
    Nonsense comment about BA J and Ryanair. After so many years I no longer have any romantic notions of air travel and have had some very pleasant BA J flights – I don’t fly for the food and seats usually not a problem – crew interaction is very important and maybe I have just been lucky. (Or had the right attitude which was reciprocated.)

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Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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