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    Merry Xmas to all those BA Customers booked on BA flights to europe!
    Many are in Hotels or just facing misery, at LHR mainly.

    Yet again, when ever major problems ( be it weather, strikes, food supplies, security incidents), Its ALWAYS Britsh Airways that cancel their flights! Checking BAA website live, you can clearly see its primarily BA cancelling yet again. For eg, KLM, BMI are running flights to Amsterdam, BA are cancelled.

    BA are so easy n quick to be the first to Pull flights out. Its why i havent flown with them for some years, & so pleased i am too. Even the day after the terrorist alert in the UK, the day after KLM got me from Budapest into Amsterdam (where all was calm & well organsied..weather or security they are able to run flights…), then on into LHR.
    Course its a poor refelction on LHR & capacity, infrastructure etc. BUT, British Airways have much to explain.
    I am really suprised then can maintain any UK passenger loyalty compared to the efficiency of other airlines on the same routes!


    Remind me please – who’s home turf is London Heathrow? Operational issues = BA only?
    I should have followed you suit earlier, Mark, as this is the second time in consequent years, that my Christmas flight (both BA) has been cancelled. It’s not the weather I complain about but it’s the way BA is handling it. Try getting through on their customer service line (4 hours this time), only to be pushed on a flight 3 days later (Christmas is over on the 27th, isn’t it?). And you cannot get a seat on another airline’s flight unless you make your way to Heathrow (join the mess and cues) and speak to a customer service agent there.
    I’ve done a little research (now that I got some time to kill), as an example on the route Heathrow – Frankfurt (Germany), which is served by mainly two carriers, BA and Lufthansa / British Midland. On the 23rd of December when the fog was seriously causing delays, these were the cancellations: Lufthansa= 30% (3 out of 10), BA= 57% (4 out of 7). On December 24th cancellations were: Lufthansa= 0% (7 flights) and within 1 hour delay, BA= 16% (1 out of 6 flights) with 2 flights over 1 hour late. Can you explain this?
    Reflecting on my 2007 BA’s experience – waiting for luggage longest because “you’re a BA customer”, flights cancelled, delayed and all sorts “due to operational issues” – doesn’t this remind us of the announcement on the London underground: severe delays “due to signal failure”? How much embarrassment does the UK citizen have to take (for British companies), in front of millions of international travellers and tourists, and watch with envy how Lufthansa-travellers get their luggage first, and Iberia customers receive generous compensation for their flight delays into Heathrow?
    And, as we all know being an Executive Club member doesn’t help you here. I will focus on earning my miles with other another preferred airline in the future – and I’m afraid, it’s not a British one.


    I am an employee of a british based airline (not BA) that flies out of LHR. Yet again BA has caused near chaos for the travelling public & yet again other companies pull together and get people to their destinations with some or no delays.

    It is really frustrating that when there is flight disruption at LHR (which is mainly due to only BA cancelling short haul / european flights- that they make no money from anyway) the british media fail to mention other airlines and in particular my company that operate delayed or near on time departures.

    Why buy a ticket with a company that cancels at the drop of a hat!! I am all for buying all things british but come on!!!!!!!


    While I have to agree that this is tiresome, I can never understand why people keep on booking BA after all the moans. I would rather have a cancelled flight, than an unknown delay, at least this way I can plan my next move. For those who never use BA anymore, they certainly keep on reading and writing about BA, why, please tell us all about the new marvelous airlines you know use.


    Check in to see what others had mentioned re the flights at Xmas.

    Well indeed, many articles seem to originate around BA n how wonderful they are, But i am sure they spend much with publications to always nudge out good publicity. Travelling premier classes i am sure are better, but when did we last have a flight report from Business traveller where there was a cancellation?

    I have yet to see negative articles re BA, but i am afraid the reality is there. I did indeed move to KLM & now that KLM Air France are becoming a big player for the UK with open Skies, & Buying VLM, they are in a much better stronger position. KLM especially are ultimately reliable, investments in better aircraft than BA, a more natural relaxed cabin service, & whilst they are not prestigious in World Business class, you know you are well looked after but they are VERY reliable.

    Many times i have been from T4 on a KLM flight with the tents outside for BA, & seen many stuck in Europe with No BA services.

    I wont go back!

    By the way, which prestigious airlines are in the sky as alternatives?
    Well my long haul business travel Eastwards Asia & Australia, has gone to Etihad Airwyas.
    they really are a tremedously refreshing impressive service in eceonomy / Coral as well as Pearl Business class.
    thats an example.
    Impeccable tasteful beefstakes meals in economy, brand new 777-300 & A340-5/600 ‘s ply London now, with luxury & great comfort. Brave new approach & phillosophy.
    So, my KLM /AF partnership now grabs a greater hold in the UK, as my Gold Membership with them continues, & Silver with the perks of Etihad.

    Most others stand still.
    Next time when i sit in the KLM T4 Hollideck Lounge looking over the runway, at the older BA planes surround, & my Big Blue KLM A330-200 arrives for the 10am flight to Amsterdam, i cannot be anything but soothed, knowing that the resful colour matches the mood n experience…& with Schipol to enter.
    Thats travel pleasure!


    Hi Isabel.
    Coudnt agree more. My note entered states how my KLM flights out of LHR go, & as i say with Air france buying VLM we will now have better a group to fly out of London, much like KLMUK that lost all its STN routes to Europe some years ago.

    I also dread that Underground return a few stops to my car. I am always shocked further at each excuse, from signals, to that T123, where you have to jump off yr train to rush over to the next one to leave but they close the doors before you get there, or the one you were on goes first!

    Leaving the ground in the UK is the best travel esperience, but landing at LHR certainly is at the base.
    My KLM luggage is always there before i get through to the luggage belt n have never waited more than 5 monites, so that due to KLM handling they are much more efficient than BA.

    Hope you travel better with the alternatives, they are many & better, & perhaps SkyTeam Membership would be the one to watch growing for the UK. Certainly Scipol & CDG are better organised eh?
    good luck….I prefer to Travel the Dutch way…as a suggestion!


    Hi Mark, I share your good experiences with KLM and Schiphol Airport… and the most impressive “Privium”, which allows you to seemlessly avoid the crowds at passport control is just brilliant! However Skyteam is a fairly small alliance, and unfortunately doesn’t accommodate my travel pattern. Furthermore I lived in Amsterdam before, and personally do not appreciate “the Dutch way” 😉
    Considering the follow-up from the Xmas cancellation the responses I got from BA have been unbelievably stubborn and ignorant, so I am fighting it; for the principle that is.
    An airline with superior customer service should almost certainly be able to excel in this market. Highly responsive and respectful to customers, because the loyalty gains must be quite significant. I wonder who that is? If I find an airline that treats me as a customer, and respects my time, then I would be loyal as hell as such an assurance would be worth a lot to me. If following a number of positive experiences you feel that you can trust this airline in providing you the service you expect, surely you would continue to give your loyalty ONLY to this airline?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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