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  • TominScotland

    Dear AnthonyDunn

    There is a word for which the definition is:

    “The expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect”.

    Think about it…….


    Dear TominScotland


    But can you please explain what on earth has the EU to do with this?


    Simple – if it were not for Schengen and the common currency, it is probable that this lady would have been turned back at either a border or a filling station. My initial comment (and I started this) was a gentle, ironic swipe at the Europhobes and Daily Mail readers (not always the same thing) who populate this Forum.


    @ TominScotland – 16/01/2013 10:19 GMT

    Okay, I have been too much of a “literalist” on this occasion and, like you, baulk at the Europhobes and Daily Getsmuchworse little Englanders (not always the same thing) who occasionally populate this forum.

    Hello TominScotland and AnthonyDunn

    I doubt that she had her passport with her as she was only going to Brussels, but she certainly would have had her national ID card.


    Interesting that Croatia is included.


    I have only just read the full story. Poor thing can really happen to anyone. Just like instead of using direct flights. So lets say you wanted to go to Montreal but the cheapest flight available was via Dubai.. same thing!


    It may be time for this lady to hand in her driving licence. If you fail to notice signs being in different languages you probably won’t notice red lights either. 🙂


    I think she just wanted her 15 minutes of fame. Being generous the original journey would only take an hour, tops. Then the road signs? Exits – Ausfahrt instead of “Sortie”? She would have had to stop for petrol, food, water, even just to spend a penny, so must have known she was in another country?

    Not sure about every GPS, but on both of mine, as well as the inbuilt ones, you have to enter a destination country, so the GPS would have been screaming at her to turn around!

    Sorry, but either she’s suffering from Alzheimer’s, in which case I feel sorry for her, or she did it on purpose, in which case I don’t!


    Not quite GPS……But i have heard stories of people in the US booking flights to Vancouver and finding themselves landing in Portland, Oregon…….. 500 miles away…..The American travel agents assuming they want to travel to Vancouver, Washington and not its more famous Canadian namesake…


    You honestly can’t compare this to being booked on the wrong flight where names are similar.
    Like Luganopirate wrote, something ain’t clean in the milk here. She must have known about how far she was supposed to drive and atleast should have asked herself halfway through the journey why it’s taking her too long.
    Either she decided to go on an adventure and just hit the gas pedal or she’s mentally ill.

    The story just doesn’t quite add up.


    Frankly I never use GPS. I still use maps. May be I am old fashioned but still paper maps work fine with me.


    Or the person that wanted to go to Rhodes, and booked a flight to Rodez & then could not find the port …

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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