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    This is a lovely story but I blame the EU (here, here, I hear many of you mutter into your copy of the Daily Mail) because, pre-Schengen, this would probably not have happened because of passport checks at the various borders she will have crossed. How she did not twig when her passport would have been checked at the Croatian border, I am not sure.


    One more reason for UK not to sign the Schengen treaty.
    We waste time each time we take a flight within EU but at least we can’t drive more than a few hundred miles to go to LHR !


    Don’t worry about Schengen or the EU. You are protected from driving too far by nature: it’s called the Channel.
    You can even continue to drive on the wrong side of the road! That doesn’t bother the rest of us much.


    No-one to blame but the woman herself! Really, this would be like me going to collect someone at Dundee and keep going until I got to Lands End. I think I would have noticed something wasn’t quite right by the time I was crossing the Forth Road Bridge!

    I saw the story on the news last night and my jaw hit the floor.

    I’m sure her friend was well ****** off!

    At least she will have a good story for her grandchildren!


    I can imagine! The worst but I’m sure was having to drive ALL the way back!


    This has got the square root of diddly squat to do with the European Union; it has everything to do with the driver acting as if she was brain dead and on autopilot. Perhaps she would be better off just using a plain old map because it might cause her to think for herself and not just slavishly follow instructions.

    No sympathy whatsoever.


    You would soon realise you were south of the border and make an emergency U-turn!


    Alexpo1 – OCH AYE! LOL!


    Please please please .. If this story is true, I dread to think how this person’s brain ticks or their level of intelligence …


    At least the driver wasnt from the male specie. Wouldnt have heard the end of it!!! 🙂

    Oops, I’m in Zagreb!

    She must have had too much going on in her head.

    I’m off to throw snowballs at my noisy neighbours’ windows.


    Would love to know what type of car it was.

    I’m assuming it was an automatic.

    Fuel consumption would have the oil companies in a blind panic!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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