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    My partner and I had the misfortune to be travelling on British Airways from Bangkok to Sydney. Never again, anywhere, anytime.

    There was nothing Plus about this section of the aircraft, let alone the service, or quality of the food and beverages served.

    The BA home page has their slogan “To Fly.To Serve.” The plane may have flown, but that was about the extent of the slogan.

    The flight attendant was not interested in service, only in getting the job done. This is not the same thing.

    The “deli box” thrust at us for breakfast was sad to say the least. I had a superior snack box on a 1 hour flight with Vietnam Airlines. When I asked for milk with my coffee, I was informed that there was milk in the “deli box”. I specified real milk. I was again refered back to the “deli box”. I opened the “deli box” to find a tiny container of long life milk. Then I said that I would like 2 more of those (referring to the little containers). The flight attendant then handed me the jug of milk. Why not just pour the milk into my coffee? Why the battle of wits?

    I won’t even start on the evening meal or the beverage service after boarding the plane.


    Hi VD
    Sorry to hear about your problem in WT+. You are quite correct, there isn’t much PLUS about this cabin at the moment. The fact you had an indifferent crew member also didn’t help. As said on this forum many times, get back to BA customer services with details – you never know it might help fellow travellers in the future, if not yourself.

    In any event, BA is aware of the shortcomings of this product and are now making a number of catering and service routine enhancements to make the cabin feel more ‘Premium’ – if that’s possible.


    Stowage222 is correct. It’s a shame you didn’t enjoy your flight.

    I’ve flown WT+ twice on shorter daytime sectors, and have been surprised how much I’ve enjoyed it. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that it’s a premium economy service, not a downgraded business product. You are mainly purchasing an improved, more spacious seat and power socket; that’s about it. It isn’t really the best cabin for a longer sector.

    Having said that, there have been some relatively recent improvement to further differentiate the product, including an upgraded blanket, pillow (with Osborne & Little design) and from 1 October the main course will be the same as offered to those in Club World.

    Of course, there is an entirely new WT+ seat (with larger screen and iPod docks etc.) on board the new 777-300ERs and this will roll out slowly across the fleet in some refurbished and all new aircraft.

    WT+ has always offered a proper glass for wine, preferential menu choice and newspapers and more personal space on board, and a significantly increased number of BA Miles (125% of miles flown) though now all economy fares earn miles since changes in 2009 this is less of a differentiator.

    Personally, I avoid catering out of BKK on whichever airline I’m flying; it’s rarely good.

    There are too many cabin crew at BA who behave poorly towards customers, even though that number is small in absolute terms; similarly there are many (the vast majority, IMHO) who are top notch and deliver a superb and uniquely British experience. It’s a shame you got a bad apple, and it does sound like you got a particularly rotten example.

    As suggested, the only way the airline (and the individual) can improve is through feedback, and this is best delivered succinctly through BA’s online form:

    Managing performance is much easier at BA these days. The counterproductive involvement of some cabin crew bodies is now, thankfully, significantly hobbled. Cabin crew can be given the support they need to improve through training, and that is only to be welcomed.

    The new WT+ cabin is rather good:


    I feel you VD.

    Although the FAs were nice to me, the other aspect of my flight were just dull.
    Dull cabin (WT), horrible food ( which contained melted broccoli), no drinks through out flight unless you asked for one, not even basic necessities in the toilet (i.e. toothbrush, razors).

    And their new slogan, “To Fly. To Serve” it is actually explained it,
    “To fly” BA only fly us to our destination (like any other airlines) to gain revenue.

    “To serve”, they do serve us, but only when we demand one.

    I had way superior food and service onboard GA domestic. And comparing them with SQ, CX, GA and even QF, they are far behind in term of food offering, product and service (SQ, CX, GA).

    VD, If you are new here, you should know that lots of people here are pro BA.


    As BA crew I’m sorry to hear about VintageDom’s experience. There are unfortunately many crew who do not make the effort, do not appreciate the money spent by the customer and ‘let the side down’. I really wish BA used mystery customers to kick these slackers into shape. Prehaps VK with your contacts (whoever they may be) you could push for this!

    The product shall be improving very soon. BA can have nice adverts but if the product delivered is not up to scratch every time it is counterproductive.

    As for the milk thing, many many folk ask “milk?”, not realising it is in the box. If you ask for ‘real milk’ we can pour it from a jug we have on the trolley but from most cities this is exactly the same longlife milk as is in the box but from a bigger carton, hence your referral back to the milk jigger.
    If we just poured the milk when asked “milk?”, without fail the next 3 rows of people will see it and all think they have to ask for milk. Saying “it’s in the box, it’s in the box, it’s in the box, it’s in the box” umpteen times does grate after a while, so please do not be offended by being referred back to the milk jigger. That is his experience talking.

    But for sure, if the service you feel is not good enough, write in and be specific. Often crew (from many airlines) are ashamed of the product/catering we have to offer, but topping that with serving it badly is not acceptable.


    Yes it is counter productive to have have product/service that is not up to the standards of adverts. Just look at Virgin Atlantic – the current TV advert is fantastic, but on board is totally abysmal.


    Sorry you had the experience you did Vintage Dom.

    Instead of ‘To Fly To Serve’ I’ve often thought BA’s line should be ‘Give us your money then put up and shut up’.

    A colleage says BA stands for Best Avoided and unfortunately as they are currently mediocre at best but as I experienced recently they have the ability to deliver stunningly bad service they are probably best avoided. It’s a shame because some of the crew are very good people but the company lacks vision and consistency.


    Thank you to all of you who replied to my “virgin” post.
    Thanks HonestCrew for your perspective.
    Thanks VintageKrug for the links – I will definitely be giving them feedback.


    VK, you are right the WTP is an upgraded economy product, not a downgraded business class product.

    I am therefore at a loss as to your comment that the main course in WTP will soon be the same as that served in Club World.


    I believe that Air France and Qantas serve the same meals in PE that they serve in Business, and BA is considering this as well.


    I have a lot of very good flights on BA…..sadly I have a lot of very bad flights. If I check-in online, or the airport check-in terminals, then the first BA employee that I meet is the misery at the lounge desk. The next person is another misery at the gate. Then I get onboard and I see a crew who make it blatently obvious that I am messing up their day. This is extreme but it happens… a lot. I have written several complementaries on BA staff, on the Exec Club website, and I gather the staff get the feedback. But, I cannot be bothered constantly moaning about crews/ground staff because I know that the reply will be number 41b from someone in ”complaints” who is also having a bad day. BA knows that they have a lot of off-days and accept it…sadly. It is us that suffers.

    @HonestCrew Nice to read your deep-down thoughts. I bet you are excellent at your job. I have to say that if mystery shoppers were introduced, your cabin crew union would, almost certainly, have a few words to say about that! Spies and all that…..


    If you don’t complain Openfly then the airline has no chance of ever being able to correct a situation or person. All these people you say are giving bad service, although personally I find the service good or at worse medioca, by that I mean they are “just doing the job” rather than going that extra, can only be corrected with the feedback from customers.

    What is disappointing is that when you do put a compliment about crew you don’t get an acknowledgement that tells you the crew or person will be thanked or praised.


    Funnily enough Openfly, what you write about BA could equally apply to Lufthansa. An arrogant, miserable bunch. The only difference is in their arrogance they don’t even reply to complaints!


    Bucksnet – interesting that you should mention about Qantas and it’s PE class.
    We flew over to Bangkok & returned with BA. It’s chalk & cheese.
    Except for the seats, you would swear that you were in business class when flying PE with Qantas.
    Menus to select your meal from, nice wines to choose from, service with a smile & professionalism.

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