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  • LuganoPirate

    Over 15 years ago in France I bought a 3 way continental 2 pin plug. It goes with me everywhere and allows me to charge multiple devices without having to do without bedside light,TV etc. In the UK I use it in the razor power plug in bathrooms.

    A small tip for those of us with 2 pin appliances. The bottom 2 holes of the 3 pin UK socket are the right size for the continental 2 pin plugs and with some encouragement it is possible to get them in, especially if the socket is a bit worn. It sometimes needs a small screwdriver to push down the shutter opening device at the top and then the bottom holes open and in ti goes. Mind you, I do often hope sparky has wired the plug socket correctly!

    All of this tends to suggest that there is a case for Regus to open more of their business lounges in airports or for the airlines to incorporate the Regus business lounge into their travellers lounges.

    What is a Regus Business Lounge? Well a space designed for a business person to work when they are away from their office. The only downside is that the lounges with pods are not worth it. Don’t include the pods and it’ll be just right


    Lack of desk-high outlets is going to be my crusade for 2016. Instead of moving furniture and crawling around, I’m going to call an engineer to come and set things up. Perhaps then the hotels will start putting in the proper outlets.


    This thread has been asleep for a while, but I am reviving it because the thing I feared has come to pass. I have been forced to stay in a Marriott hotel (because I am at a big international meeting with all the delegates in the one hotel) and there is indeed no desk in the room.

    What planet are they from? – removing desks from their hotel rooms. I have to work several hours a day in my room and sitting perched on an armchair (the only chair in a vast room) with the laptop on a spindly tiny table just does not work. I have papers I need to which I need to refer. Where do I spread them out?

    Sorry Marriott, a two-star review on TripAdvisor is on its way.


    A follow-up to my note of a few minutes ago.

    I have dumped my two-star review on TripAdvisor, and have looked at a few of the other reviews there – and, sure enough, “no desk” is the main complaint in poor reviews over the last couple of years.

    The hotel response to a review two years ago that made this complaint was “We did want to share that we are working on a plan to add additional workspace to our guest rooms”. If they are worling on a plan it must be very complicated …. two years? Why not just put proper desks back in the rooms and sack the smart-arse designer who didn’t like the way they looked?


    Same for me, i will not stay in a hotel without a desk. I just spent 11 hours in the HKG Regal hotel during the day, most of it spent at the desk.

    Also, how did the regal win best airport hotel award? my first time ever going there and apart from being able to get Day rates on a room at reasonable prices I would say its pretty old and tired as hotels go with cardboard inner walls, contsantly disturbed by hallway traffic and hoover noises from a-joining rooms


    stevescoots, thanks for the tips about the HKG Regal airport hotel as I’m often in Hong Kong. I thought about staying there for 1 night a couple of weeks ago (I had to catch an early flight) but gave it a miss having read the Tripadvisor reviews. I stayed at the airport Marriott, which cost more but is a really nice hotel.

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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