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    Our lunch experiences, September 2016

    During our visit for 2 nights/3 days in Eindhoven my fiance and I had lunch at Wiesen, a 1* Michelin starred restaurant, on a Saturday in September 2016.

    We wanted to have a Michelin dining experience, so we checked what options we had and reserved a table. Wiesen was the only one open on our full day in the city. We liked the modern cuisine.

    During weekends the restaurant accepts walk ins.

    The chef patron is Yuri Wiesen and his wife Jessie is responsible for the front of house.

    The restaurant is located in the oldest and most beautiful part of town. It had a very romantic feel, being surrounded by classic buildings, boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

    The young and dynamic members of staff welcomed us warmly – we were the first to arrive –
    and left us the choice if we wanted to sit inside or on the small terrace outside. We decided to take a table on the terrace. The weather was nice and warm, so it was wonderful.

    The furniture was elegant and made of wood and iron. There was a cactus on each table.

    We ordered a bottle of still Bru water and four glasses of Natureo Muscat (non-alcoholic) 2015 by Torres. The wine maker is a pioneer in de-alcoholized white wines.

    The staff was already aware of our dietary requirements, so we got totally different greetings [Amuse-Bouches] from the kitchen than others did, because the regular one included seafood and looked very stylish and creative.

    Our greetings from the kitchen were onion tarts served on stone, small potatoes, sour cream and caviar, to be eaten with a mother of pearl spoon, seaweed crisps with pea cream dip and one of the highlights, the Golden Egg with Scottish smoked salmon, egg yolk, sauce Hollandaise and brioche. The Golden Egg is a signature dish of Yuri Wiesen.

    All the dishes were delicious and came on very different crockery.

    To accompany our 4 course surprise menu – our first – we received sourdough bread in a wooden bowl. It was made for sharing and everyone could tear a piece off the loaf. The conidments were olive oil, butter and salt, served on stoneware.

    There was a tiny spoon to serve the salt.

    Our first course was seabass, guacamole, avocado and edible flowers. It was of course international, but reminded us of a Japanese dish.

    It was followed by grilled mackerel, fregola (a pasta type from Sardinia), which had the texture of a creamy risotto, luke warm tomato, beurre blanc, edible flowers, green asparagus and tomato cracker.

    The main course was duck with summer vegetables, beetroot and potato mash.

    With our dessert a wonderful raspberry millefeulle we enjoyed two cappuccinos. The millefeulle was made with thin crispy, sheets and served with raspberry sorbet. The plate was designed in a snow pattern.

    While the atmosphere and other international diners’s behaviour was overall good, a German couple destroyed it a bit.
    It seemed they weren’t aware they had joined a one Michelin stared restaurant, even though the star is prominently on display, among other accolades.

    They didn’t wait to be seated and simply took a table beside us. She exclaimed loudly in German that she was hungry and would definitely eat something, while he replied he wasn’t hungry. They ordered beer. W|hen they received the greetings from the kitchen it seemed they realized they had ended up in a fine dining establishment and suddenly the lady wasn’t hungry anymore. Still it didn’t keep them from enjoying the greetings from the kitchen. The staff was a bit taken aback when the couple didn’t want to have a meal. After they had finished their drinks he snipped with his fingers and raised his arm to get the attention of one of the waitresses to get the bill.

    We were glad when they left. Unfortunately the waitresses were for a short while a bit cooler towards us, because the Germans had been so disruptive, but after a short time all services received by the staff was warm and welcoming again.

    We both believe there should be a rethink in regards of walk ins at Wiesen.

    Our bill was 133.50 Euro (ca. 152.40 USD).

    Of course we had also a peek into the restaurant inside. It’s a bit darker, yet elegant, a combination of classic and modern, and lots of brown colors were used.

    The toilets had interesting rock sinks.

    We would return again, because we loved the great and colorful food, the creative presentation and the friendly staff.

    The lunch was good value and next time we would love to try their five course surprise menu.

    Would we recommend this restaurant to a friend? YES!
    Would we want to enjoy luch/dinner at this restauranr again in our future? YES!

    Thank you and safe travels.


    A small correction, it should read…

    Would we want to enjoy lunch/dinner at this restaurant again in our future? YES!

    Thanks and safe travels.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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