Which is better – travel agent or ChatGPT?

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  • samuelwilliams

    I recently came across this article comparing ChatGPT and a travel agent’s abilities in planning trips:


    Do you agree with the conclusion that a travel agency is better for creating a personalized itinerary, or could it be that the user simply did not provide the appropriate prompts to ChatGPT to elicit better recommendations?


    The article rightly notes travel agencies provide more personalized itineraries with local insights. However, the evaluation of ChatGPT was limited by broad prompts. Chatbots need specificity to generate customized recommendations.

    Vague requests for accommodations and a “hidden gem” lacked preference details like location, amenities, interests that could have elicited better ChatGPT options.

    With more detailed prompts, ChatGPT’s performance may have improved. Still, travel agents have an edge with hyper-local knowledge. For complex, once-in-a-lifetime trips where insider perspectives are key, agents are better.

    A hybrid approach using ChatGPT for initial research and simpler trips, and agents for intricate itineraries, leverages both tools’ strengths when queries provide appropriate details.


    Thank you for your thoughtful response and insights. You make a fair point that travel agents would be better equipped than ChatGPT for complex, once-in-a-lifetime trips where local knowledge and insider perspectives are especially important. However, given that I still have a week to prepare, I think there is merit in exploring a hybrid approach as suggested. Providing ChatGPT and Claude-2 with more specific prompts detailing my preferences, interests, and location requirements may help elicit initial recommendations that could help inform my research process. With some experimentation using more detailed queries over the next week, I hope to better assess how a blended human-AI strategy could leverage the respective strengths of both tools.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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