Which inflight magazines do you like to read ?

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    I always read the High Life on BA because there’s usually something interesting there among the puff pieces and extended ads to try and flog on board Duty Free. On long haul I’ll sometimes check out The Economist or BT depending on what reading material I’ve brought with me.



    BA Business life, the October 2012 edition did an excellent feature on the redelopment of the Olympic Park


    I mainly read the inflight magazines because it contains nice photographs. I have also collected some of them which I really liked. I have a collection of ‘Colours’ which is an inflight magazine for Garuda Airlines published by Agency Fish.


    Pre-Covid, I used to do about 10 long haul flights per year and most of those are almost 24 hours. So to pass time I spent good amount of time leafing through various inflight magazines.

    I would say I found some very good articles (say about 10%).
    Besides that I like the trivia type section. I also like all the advertisements knowing fully well that very likely will not buy any of those or I cannot afford some of those.

    Although most of the airlines enhanced the IFE and reduced the number of inflight magazines, I was probably among the few users. However post covid I became a bit paranoid and try to avoid anything that are handled by others. On one of my recent trip, noted not a single traveller in my section took a magazine.


    I must admit I used to like reading the inflight magazines but I do understand the argument for not flying them around the world. I am BA GGL and get sent BA Highlife at home but I never get the chance to read it. I do pick it up in the lounge when I have some spare time though.

    On a recent trip I moaned to the BA staff in the lounge about the lack of other reading materials. They told me it was COVID but that is a load of rubbish as I had just picked up BA Highlife! They also said lots of people were complaining. If that is the case it must be falling on deaf ears or empty pockets!

    The funny thing is they did not even suggest Pressreader which IMHO is clunkly and a terrible reading experience.

    Top marks from me go to Emirates who had a great selection of magazines/newspapers a couple of weeks ago. Even the US airlines in their North American lounges are offering a better service than most in the UK!


    They’re still compost, 9 years on 🙂

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Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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