Which inflight magazines do you like to read ?

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  • Anonymous


    During tiresome and boring long-haul flights I like to read inflight magazines having informative articles and nice photos. Do you also like to read the inflight magazines ?


    No, they are compost.


    Only in cases of complete and utter desperation.

    Oh, no, hang on… Not even then…


    handy for hitting annoying passengers with

    Tom Otley



    Love them and keep them. Great for seeing new travel and business opportunities. They vary in quality, but I usually find some article, advert, or news piece of personal or business interest.


    Business Traveller of course…


    I doubt I would read an inflight magazine to increase my intellect ……they are the flying equivalent of a Sunday supplement, or a literal version of “The Living Channel”

    Having said that I do skim through them, and occasionally an article will capture my interest enough, to delve in and read in more detail.
    And FR’s magazine is actually an excellent mini city guide!

    I’ve kept a few to research future weekend breaks…….
    I also find Highlife consistently professionally laid out and its content well edited.

    Af’s is also quite good…..will skim the French first, before reading the English translation, just to see how bad my French has deteriorated …


    Having flown BA on three consecutive months, I find High Life very good indeed.

    SK’s Scanorama is also a good read, as are Lufty’s and Swiss’ mags.

    Brussels Airlines’ mag has some interesting brief articles on its various destinations, which have provided me with useful tips now and again – although the airline itself is pretty awful (but no alternative on the BHX-BRU run).

    The Business Lounge at Vilnius Airport used to keep current copies of the in flight mags of all the airlines that served the airport, and this made for interesting comparisons. I don’t know if it still does, as I’ve not been there for a while and the number of carriers serving the city has dropped dramatically.



    Airlines should skip loading heavy paper on board, it would save some kerosene,
    Besides mountains of pictures for luxury brands, the same worldwide, there is nothing readable.
    These magazines are even and unfortunately not funny,

    Each time I have one in hands I am surprised how poor the content is


    I find them a totally boring (regardless of airline) but always a good to have a quick flick when through when the plane has begun its descent before on final approach.


    Over the years, I have found BA Business Life to be both entertaining and insightful. The recent refresh has brought it up to date in terms of tone
    and content, and I do read it from cover to cover, skipping only a very few articles. High Life is also one of the better inflight rags as it seems at least some though has gone into making it an engaging read for the masses. All these magazines do trouble me however, in the sense that if airlines require 1 kilo of fuel to fly a teabag round for a year (read that somewhere, and believe me they know how much ANY additional weight costs) how much fuel is used to fly the equivalent of a small library round for a year?


    The Economist, Prospect and the ever trusty “pink ‘un” (that’s the Financial Times). BTW, I immediately trash the “How to Spend it” mag in the weekend edition: toys for gratuitously overpaid boys (and the odd girl).

    The only airline magazine I’ve come across that is worth bothering with is BA’s Business Life – and the Deborah Meeden column in particular. I forget whether CX offer anything comparable.


    Anthony and for those of you who are interested in reading BA’s Highlife & Business Life, both are available online. BA business life has an app for iphone or ipad.




    You can also read CX Discovery magazine online or download the app to read on mobile devices.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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