Which Airlines & how many flights have you made in 2013?

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    Almost finishing the year 2013, was wondering with our BT forum group…

    1. Which Airlines have you flown in 2013?

    2. Flown more or less with your main Airline (Changes)?

    3. What % European / Med Haul or Long Haul roughly?

    4. What would be the total number of flights approx for the year?

    Happy Xmas, and good travels for 2014 Everyone.

    And thanks and best wishes to all the BT team for this forum, the magazine and the work over the last year, enabling us to be so well informed, and to debate.


    Mostly KLM and Cityjet within Europe, other Long Haul with KLM, And Etihad, Lufthansa, Malaysian, Air Asia, Virgin Australia, and Singapore.

    More flights with my Skyteam group and with KLM. Moving slightly more back to Asian carriers, Malaysian and Etihad.

    70% European flights, compared to other LH and other regions.

    About 50 European flights, 16 Long haul, and 12 other regional flights (Asia under 4 hrs).


    1 – MS, GF, EK, U2 (easyJet), LH, LX, KM, BA, B6 (JetBlue), FR, AA, TO (Transavia), ME, EY, SK, DY (Norwegian), WY (Oman), FZ (FlyDubai), EI, NK (Spirit), AB and PC (Pegasus)

    2 – Don’t have a main airline

    3 – 70/30

    4 – 124 (exact, as I keep records for residency purposes)

    5 A/C – B737-600/700/800, B747-400, B777-200/200ER/300ER, B787-8, A319, A320, A321, A332, A333, A346, E170, E190, MD80, RJ100, Do328 Jet,


    1. Which Airlines have you flown in 2013? CX, KA, MH, TG, BA,EY, LH.

    2. Flown more or less with your main Airline (Changes)? Less. was EY now CX.

    3. What % European / Med Haul or Long Haul roughly? 90% Long haul

    4. What would be the total number of flights approx for the year? Dozens.


    1. EK, QR, BA, LH, KQ, U2

    2. About the same

    3. 90% long haul

    4. About 35.


    1 – BA (Mainly), AF, AC & ArikAir

    2 – 95% with my main airline (BA)

    3 – Probably 60% SH, 40% LH

    4 – Just counted up on the EC site – 61 sectors on BA, 4 on AF and 1 each on AC & Arik.


    1. SA, BA, JE (Mango), KL, BE, TS, TP, LO, Jet2, EZY, LX, SI (Blue Islands), EI. (not in any particular order. )

    2. More segments on EZY than any other single carrier.

    3. 70% s/h, 30% l/h

    4. Roughly 100 (quick guess)

    Edited to add : Apart from flights to/from Channel Islands, all my domestic travel in GB has been by train. I don’t think I’ve been on a UK domestic flight for 30 years, and it’s against my principles to do so. Even when I go to CI I usually go by boat. Far more civilised.


    Nice topic Marcus and didn’t really need to think too hard

    2012 = 100 + flights (BD/BA/KL/CX/FR/EZ/AF/LH/BE and AC)

    2013 =Promotion at work, company deciding to change domestic travel policy to save the polar bears resulted in…..

    Some EDI-LHR flights for work, the rest private travel with FR X 4, VS x 2, BA to YVR X 1 and EK to HKG x 1 and that’s it !

    edited to add…. Train mileage, well thats another thing entirely ! : (


    Good of you all to contribute, thanks.

    I have upped my train travel domestically, and the odd one over the channel also. Prefer to make a London to EdinBurgh by East Coast these days than fly.

    I get the impression more people are taking one of the Emirate Airlines more these days (QR, EY, EK0?


    1 – BA, BE, AA, U2, SN, OS and FR

    2 – 70% on BA/AA

    3 – 70% shorthaul/European with 30% longhaul

    4 – About 30 sectors for the year, but shall be adding another 4 to that next month 🙂


    As a Dutchman mostly with KLM 48 flights, about 20% of these long haul. Also MH, SQ.
    Be more enjoyable with the new cabins and seats KLM are fitting in 2014!

    Trains are easier from Holland to other nearby Countries, and we have no domestic network to fly.

    It is major that Emirates and Etihad have entered the Dutch Market, though Etihad co-operate with KLM and AF, Emirates just take their business. Same with other European cites.
    So i agree with Marcus that they are taking EU Airlines long haul passengers, and we are all tending to start to fly with these Airlines more long haul, Via their hubs.


    Great post, BTW

    1. BA, KLM, EI, QF, MH, VN, CX, KA, HX, GF, AY, TR, OV, various Burmese domestic carriers
    2. About 60% on BA
    3. 40% European, 60% worldwide
    4. About 100, I guess


    1. BA, Easyjet, Wizz, LOT, Air France, Cityjet & Air Berlin (Air Berlin by far the worst)

    2. 75% on BA

    3. All European bar 1 trip to China

    4. 62 on BA so about 90 in total


    LX, LH, BA, SAA, QR, Kulula
    70% roughly on LX.
    Mainly long haul
    About 80 sectors

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