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    Whilst the ‘world is my oyster’, I can’t decide where to travel during the first two weeks of February.

    I’m very happy to travel on my own. I’m in need of a holiday where it’s warm enough to sit outside, swim & enjoy the sun, but preferably not above 28 degrees. Beach & ocean a bonus.

    A comfortable hotel, good standard, not too big, but of sufficient size to have a good size pool, steam room & massage treatments if needed. Equally, of a good enough size, where a solo traveller does not ‘stand out’.

    A city / town providing tasty food choices outside of the hotel would be good, interesting walks & scenery.

    Perhaps a two centre trip .. ?

    Suggestions gratefully received .. Thank you.



    Good morning Bullfrog

    I was going to suggest Rio de Janeiro or Salvador, but have just seen that Carnaval falls during your dates. I don’t know if that appeals to you? And in Rio the temperature will almost certainly be above 28.

    Other places that spring to mind are Manila, Kerala, Sri Lanka and Cartagena, Colombia.

    Happy planning!

    Edited to add I like the suggestion by FDOS, although I haven’t been.


    Like FDOS, I also thought of Oman!

    In addition to Icenspices suggestions, how about Grenada in the Caribbean? Or Cape Town? Although these may be higher than 28..


    Bullfrog, carrying over from another thread……The Canaries might fit the bill, Gran Canaria having great weather all year but rarely above your 28 limit. The mountains are spectacular, away from the obvious tour operator resorts the food exceptional.

    Carribean is another good bet, how about Cuba before all those lovely old American cars currently used as cabs get exported back to the USA by collectors willing to swop them for an A class Mercedes! Cuban food and hospitality really is a joy. Two centre, Beach + Havana.

    Lastly, I have to say this, Egypt, great beaches on the Red Sea, not too hot in Feb, and with some ancient sites along the incredible River Nile Cairo/Luxor/Aswan that will take your breath away. The locals are as friendly as you could hope for. A great two centre, beach and Luxor.

    Happy hunting.



    Your criteria would have applied to me a few years and when I looked then, Bermuda came top. I never did go but it definitely ticked a lot of boxes. Others can advise better than me but I got the impression that it was a cross between the Channel Islands and the Caribbean.


    My suggestion is a bit of a trek, and you have to deal with Homeland Security at some point, but I’d recommend a 2 centre trip ……

    Honolulu, on the island of Oahu gives you everything you want including bustle, and then for a bit of tranquillity hop on a short flight to Molokai !!

    If you’re travelling in J , I’d recommend using AC via YVR. Maybe even have a stopover in Vancouver, enjoying in my opinion, one of the greatest cities on our very beautiful planet.


    Bath_VIP – 18/01/2016 12:21 GMT

    Having been to Bermuda a couple of times, it’s a lovely island and the CI/Caribbean mix is a pretty good descriptor – along with the politest people I have met yet on my travels!

    MIght be a little cool/stormy at this time of year, but a lovely destination.


    Canucklad +1


    FDOS +1

    Have to agree on the Bermuda idea.
    I would go a little bit further and suggest the Bahamas. Nassau can give you the best of both worlds with city and beach in close proximity. I’d also recommend getting very short (40 minute) flight over to the more tranquil Exuma Islands.

    The weather may suit as it averages 17-21 degrees in February and is typically the driest month with just average of 1mm of rain a day, if any.


    If you want somewhere interesting, where hotel standards aren’t the best but are improving, I’d really go for Cuba. Nowhere else remotely like it on the planet-and it will change, probably for the worse, soon as relations are normalised with the US, Avoid the cheap and cheerful all inclusive however.

    If not all the other suggestions here are good ones.


    I am a regular to Bermuda (have been for years).

    Whilst the weather can be good and the atmosphere relaxing etc I am always SHOCKED at the price of Hotel rooms.

    Fairmont in Hamilton is always > $400 per night plus taxes.

    Also you will find that there is 17% service on everything but the service is certainly not in that league.

    Also note no Car hire but the taxis are ok….. hire a moped and travel the island..


    canucklad – agreed but big island has much to recommend over oahu

    MrMichael +1 on Cuba but the red sea has iffy Feb weather

    Western Aussi via somewhere asian perhaps or, shorter, central america – Guatemala, even Mexico (but you’ve probably been there) Costa Rica or, if Africa, then a great hotel on Zanzibar?


    Bullfrog, I’d recommend Cape Town. In particular the Mount Nelson Hotel. It can hit a bit above 28c during the day but quickly drops come the evening.

    The hotel has a fabulous pool in a large garden or there is the smaller adult only pool. Great food, good friendly service and beautifully appointed rooms.

    A taxi ride into town is about £2 or less and you have Uber operating there. Cape Town has many excellent restaurants and a lively night life if that’s what you’re looking for.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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