What's your simple pleasure?

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  • Mark Caswell

    If Hilton Garden Inn is to be believed, it may well be ironing…





    I think they are on some hallucinogenic drug….


    I hate ironing, but then I also do not let anyone else iron my shirts. Mine would be tidying up. When I need to step away and relax I tidy up, might be the room, my desk, a kitchen cupboard. Seeing everything back as it should be, in order brings a calmness when everything else around is “doin’my ed’ in”


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    The only thing worse is hoovering!

    Go to love the inclusiveness of the photo though, 4 races, 3 men, 3 women and who knows, a gender neutral perhaps???


    Pathetic, but my simple pleasure is cooking.


    My simple pleasure is a good cigar, an excellent port or rum, while watching an IPL or other good international cricket match from my old, dilapidated but oh so comfy sofa.. Sadly Hilton cannot match this!


    Listening to an audiobook or music, with a gin and tonic, in a dimly lit room, no disruptions.


    I get me and pleasure time when I go for a long run, listening to music and realising how lucky I am to live the fabulous life I do!

    As for ironing shirts….and for pleasure…. err.. NO!


    For me believe it or not it is ironing, followed closely by cooking and then cleaning / tidying.

    Weird I know but I find ironing relaxing when watching TV or listening to good music, it has to be an interesting and entertaining programme though.

    I suppose it’s something to do with being Ex RAF and encouraged to fend for myself at an early age.

    My mother would never touch my shirts I was so picky (same goes for my partner of 23 years).

    Having been in aviation now for 44yrs on Wednesday this week I find these things take my mind away from work.

    Out here in the sandpit – hopefully for not much longer, colleagues are amazed I do my own cleaning and housework, no maids for me they are not good enough.

    As one of my old bosses once said I am not OCD I am CDO because everything has to be correct and in order 🙂 needless to say I do have oodles more interests.


    Very simple, on the rare days I’m day off during the week, not playing golf or out and about , and stuck at home …….I learn from our Mediterranean friends and indulge in an afternoon cat nap !!


    I suppose in relation to hotels, when I was working my simple pleasure was to stroll back to my hotel, make a cup of tea, and lie in a hot bath to get rid of the smell of people and traffic fumes which usually seem to pervade everything in cities.

    After the bath, I’d wait until I was hungry and go out for a walk and find somewhere simple and unsophisticated to have dinner and a couple of beers or glasses of wine, and then head back to catch up on emails and then sleep.

    I stayed in a hotel in MIA for 4 days once and when I checked out on my bill was “20% DISC ROOM SERVICEABILITY’. I asked what that was about and the lady said : “Because the television in your room doesn’t work.” I was about to say I’d never even tried to watch it and then thought, as Annie Lennox sang : “Why don’t you ever learn to keep your big mouth shut.” I hardly ever watch TV, least of all in the USA.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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