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    I’ve often asked mysef this question when treated like a pile of dog sh1t by american airlines staff when transferring from/to a BA codeshare flight. However, the alliance did reach its depth for me when, in travelling First to Melbourne via Singapore, and back via Hong Kong, I am not permitted to pre-select my seats because one or more of the sectors is flown by Quantas on a BA codeshare.

    Excuse me, are you being serious, BA? That is a complete joke……8k for what kind of customer service??????? Good morning any other airline which is about to get all of my sectors for the remainder of the year……



    What is this Quantas of which you speak?



    Thanks http://www.pedantry.com, i meant qantas but slipped a key.



    Just put the QF element of your BA booking reference onto the QF manage your booking page (+ your name) and hey presto you can book any seat you like with no blockouts!

    Much better than the BA website!



    Thanks SSTBeliever – that worked! No surprise that BA dont even place a link on my account to click on to take me to Qantas. All they want is my credit card payment then it’s goodbye customer service.

    and as for mileage redemption, dont get me started!!!!!!!! i dearly wish BA would publish the criteria it uses to make available redemption flights. at the moment, it’s a roll of the dice. The website is utterly hopeless too – half the time it errors out before finally telling you there are no flights!!!!



    I will never fly BA again !!!



    Dandy76….. You really must not / cannot make such comments on this site about BA, even if true. You will upset someone and your spelling and grammar will be marked!



    I am just trying to understand what is the problem with the customer service, did he call the customer service or YouFirst after he spent his 8k?

    Or he just started to writing on the forum seeking advice?

    Today I couldn’t change my seat assignment on my First booking for Friday, I called YouFirst and they did it in a minute.

    If you book with star alliance in most fares you don’t even get miles 😉

    Neither you have the benefit to preselect seats in LH’s intra-Europe Seats. Also If you are a *A Gold (with a non Miles&More carrier) you don’t have access to the premium designated seats in LH.



    Quoting Dandy76

    and as for mileage redemption, dont get me started!!!!!!!! i dearly wish BA would publish the criteria it uses to make available redemption flights. at the moment, it’s a roll of the dice. The website is utterly hopeless too – half the time it errors out before finally telling you there are no flights!!!!

    – perhaps I am in a minority? Neve had a problem in booking reward flights with BA or OW partners, bmi & Starvis a different story!



    I have to say that I agree with Dandy76 on the errors out. I have been looking for Australia/NZ for Oct/Nov or Jan/Feb/Mar and there is nothing in Club at the moment. The same for west coast US for Sept/Oct.



    Two points:
    On the BA dispute and a love of BA it is unlikely I would ever align with Vintage Krug but as one who believes the internet has lowered the literacy standards, I value his linguistic pedantry :-).
    On Post, I had issue with BA who would not let me reserve 1A, said I had to wait until 72 hours. Went on web and spotted as AA booking my EXP status was not in booking on BA locator, entered it and hey presto I can select 1A. AA EXP could not help me nor could You First.
    One thing I would say is that One World will be great when it is finished. Up to present the focus seems to have been on legal regulation and back office systems to help generate and share revenue not add member services, such as we discuss.
    There is also a lack of transparency in the system that only very frequent flyers can follow as to who will be operating the flights (particularly on Non One World code shares), how the equipment will be configured, what the lounge policy and availability is etc etc. Then don’t get me started on JAL and how they fit in, particularly on miles bookings…………. or the BA surcharges that AA try to pass off as British Taxes…



    The AA/BA thing is a different story, BA use Amadeus and AA use Sabre, This thing creates inconsistency when you book a BA flight on an AA metal, it is not so easy to change your seat reservation. BA’s MMB will not let you do it, you have to go at checkmytrip.com and get that AA’s PNR or to call BA in order to get it. Then you can go to AA’s MMB and change your seat. This is not your case I am just saying this as a hint for future bookings. AA/BA tried to resolve this issue long time ago but AA is not allowed to change their IT system to Amadeus because Amadeus doesn’t store the data inside the USA. To be honest I am not sure how this thing works on the other Alliances.

    For sure someone should not have that kind of problem on a BA/QF booking. My problem with 1A was a BA’s MMB problem, just didn’t let me do it. But yes if you are OW Emerald you have the benefit to choose it.

    My understanding with JAL is that they have a kind of temporary agreement with OW not to make available many seats for redemption to the other OW members, because of their almost bankruptcy, which is not that bad if you want to keep them in the alliance

    The worst thing with JAL is that if you want to credit miles from their flights is a real pain, that is a real problem as their systems do not let you do it automatically.(You cannot add your BAEC number on your booking)

    The rest about the YQ/taxes is a European thing and if not wrong all the major EU’s airlines have this. Although for example LH gives you the benefit that you can pay for your taxes/YQ with money.

    The worst thing with *A for me is that you have to be a booking agent in order to book flights with partners that will give you miles. You have to read all those fare buckets and cross check them, then you have to book this specific fare which is not easy and usually this means that you have to make a phone call and request it.



    RichHI1: I do agree with you that VK is a defender of the English language and that is excellent.

    We all discuss, demand or expect very high standards from the airlines in all areas and so should be the level of the English language!

    Let’s toast to that with some VK!!!!




    You are right about VK, for me he doesn’t only contribute as a BA insider but as well as an English teacher 😀

    Many times I had to google a word he wrote and many times he corrected my writing.

    No problem for me as this is the only way to learn.

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