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    I suppose when I look at the forums, an interesting topic catches my eye, reading the posts. I attach more or less weight to the replies/opinions according my familiarity with the posters or their repliers. The opinion of some posters I take as valid, balanced and educational, others can become the pub bore.

    I wonder if we can profile new posters. Initially it’s frustration with poor service that drives a few people to their first post. `Sometimes they don’t comeback, sometimes they warm to the ‘little club’ and become repeat contributors. I checked my first review on trip advisor, I flamed a hotel that I considered to be particularly customer unfriendly, my subsequent views on trip advisor have been more appreciative. It appears I conform to my own profiling theory!

    On some topics I’m sceptical about new posters, they appear to be pushing an agenda or service. I’m really interested in a particular thread, hoping to a valid opinion post evidence of a successful outcome.

    I don’t think I’m suggesting an ebay style start system for posters.

    Anyone else like to add anything?


    Indeed scott66 it’s interesting.

    Those who appear out of nowhere and are never seen again (SkyLux thread).

    Those who parrott the party line at any cost, so blatantly you can’t take then seriously.

    Those who have opinions that I always consider and generally respect, even if I don’t agree.

    Those who post interesting factual information you can rely on in making your plans.

    Those who post information as fact but it’s more fiction and not to be relied upon.

    All part and parcel of an Internet forum I guess.


    Spot on Simon – and it is only the third and fourth of your five catagories of poster that we really want.


    Closing this thead as it’ll only turn nasty.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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