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    I’ve been away for a few days, not working but taking a break and came back well refreshed.

    I looked through some of the topics posted over the time I was away and felt a sense of dismay that the BA promoters and apologists had been hard at work removing almost any other topic from view.

    A few weeks ago a brief poll of users indicated that almost all who responded flew BA rarely if at all suggesting that BA and their doings were a subject of minor importance to the majority of posters. We seemed thereafter to move in to a period of sensible discussion about a number of topics related to business travel and BA seemed to move to their rightful place on the sidelines.

    On return, I couldn’t believe the number of BA threads all containing the same sort of promotion or non-news that had been posted including one from a poster entitles ‘Well Done BA’ where the poster wanted to praise BA because among other things out of 72 flights in the last three years none of them had crashed. What a pathetic post. The poster has made 38 posts over the last ten months almost all praising BA for doing nothing more than they should and what every other airline does every day. Sad.

    I am also sad to see the following post from Simon:

    ‘SimonRowberry – 28/03/2012 00:55 GMT

    As one poster once put it, Nigel – “Knowledge of nothing but an opinion about everything.”

    Don’t get wound up about it, mate.

    It’s the primary reason I don’t post much on here anymore.

    For that depth of analysis I could always buy The Sun.


    IME Simon is a valuable and knowledgeable contributor to this board but he speaks for me and possibly many others, the level of comment on the board sustained mostly by one individual is now more worthy of The Sun than intelligent comment and debate. How that individual has time to work is beyond me as they are constantly popping up with an ill informed comment which is barely relevant to the topic.

    It was me who said, ‘an opinion about everything and knowledge about nothing’

    I was criticised at the time by some people but I stand my ground, the level of comment from one individual who I am certain is the additional handle of another poster is facile in the extreme.

    This board is descending to depths I would rather not reach because of the stupid manipulation of it by a very small number of people who have a sad agenda to promote. I suspect one is an expert desk top flyer who has plenty of time to research anything and everything posting with multiple handles but who is not clever enough to vary their style so that an expert cannot see it.I am such an expert and others have made the same comment too.

    I have more to do with my life than be the subject of manipulative games.

    So, am I out on a limb or do others agree with me?

    Your thoughts please?


    What was this brief poll which indicated that few posters fly BA?

    I must of missed it.


    Henkel .. if you dont like it you dont have to stay .. there are other forums on the net.


    I would suggest BT delete this thread as it has obviously been created to generate the exact type of pointless discussion the poster claims to be so against. I agree the forum is descending into pointlessness, but some people just really need to grow up and leave their petty squables behind, pro BA or not.


    However articulate you are Henkel.Trocken, please do not impose yourself as the Chairman, Chief Moderator or any other spokesman, declaring results to polls as if it were a general election.

    Hate to give you a reality check here, but this is a discussion Forum and there are no entry requirements precluding “membership” & no GCSE’s required to contribute.

    Whether you go or stay is up to you but until NF is launched it seems that as one handle disappears, another arrives.

    No one contributor is bigger than the Forum itself.


    Thanks HT for posting some wise words. This forum is descending in to chaos, I post much less than I used to because of the constant matras and thread bumping. There isn’t much here that’s relevant any more.

    Becky, I would suggest it should be you who posts elsewhere as the person who is singularly responsible for most of the ill informed garbage. Your handle has done a spectacular job at destroying an intelligent board with trivia.

    Martyn, I think you were a bit harsh on HT. IMO it needed saying.

    If there aren’t changes here, I won’t be contributing for much longer.


    I am currently not able to travel, but was looking at fares to BKK for end of April.

    LHR-BKK-LHR via BA, £3000+
    MILAN-BKK-MILAN via Heathrow (BA), £1600 + a seperate ticket to MIL (same day travel)

    This sort of information is what this Forum is for!


    Yawn… you’re part of the problem ‘HT’. It’s seems to me that when you post, on the majority of occasions it’s to wind people up.

    Now wait for the trawl through my posts to date, dissection of that they have about, speculation as to whether I or anyone else who disagrees with him might be VK or VK’s lover…

    I think you should find something more productive to do with your time.


    Henkel, I think you’re being a bit harsh here. I don’t feel the forum has descended into the depths you allude to. I agree that some people spout nonsense, but we’re perhaps all guilty of that at some time or other. The adverts for various phone, travel, services, etc annoy me but BT usually deals with those pretty quickly so nothing to really worry about.

    As to multiple handles, perhaps it’s the case, but I don’t think it’s as bad as you make out. Here’s an interesting point. Many people make good friends by subconsciously copying their style. It’s subtle and people don’t even realise they are doing it. I would submit it’s the same here.

    There are a few regulars who post quite often, and I’m one of them. I’ve never met anyone personally but my response to them is sometimes in their style. Have a look, I’ll respond to BB in a different way to say Martyn or Simon. It’s not that I think less of her, but she has this light hearted, easy going and quick witted way of writing which I enjoy, whereas Martyn and Simon have a more serious style.

    Probably all age related but i’d guess BB late 20’s to early 30’s whereas Martyn, Simon and I are all, well err, lets say young at heart 😉

    I enjoy the forum for what it is and if I feel I can contribute or help others out, then I will. If I ever feel that it’s all pointless then it’s my right, as it is yours Henkel, to stop contributing. Like any organisation it is not made or broken due to one person leaving.


    Methinks it is a case of IronPot calling the Kettle.

    Irons why is it that virtually all your posts are to dig at people – at least Henkel provides beneficial information. Irons please make an effort to provide at least an occasional a positive or informative contribution to the forum as opposed to merely providing a never ending whinge about others who have contrary views to your own.


    “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate” ?


    Hilarious from the one who has a handle name designed to spite another user…


    I fall into the category of those who read this board much more often than I post, but I find the views of the main protagonists on the board interesting and often useful. I work in a small firm, pay for my own travel upfront and then claim the costs back and can honestly say that VK “plugging” BA’s special offers and others doing the same thing for other airlines and hotel groups has saved me a substantial amount of money in recent years. Long may it continue..


    ‘swindoneric’. I must agree with you as a regular reader and sometime contributor the info I have picked up has been interesting to me and has saved money.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 150 total)
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