What has happened to the orchids?

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  • TominScotland

    Times gone by, flying home from BKK, SIN, KUL and other places, many of us bought the boxed stems of cut orchids to placate spouses/ partners/ mothers after our extended absences. Careful tendering and they could last up to 4 weeks in vases.

    Why have they disappeared from airports in Asia? Can anyone enlighten me?



    I saw them in Bangkok about 3 weeks ago but could not remember exactly where and so I looked it up on the airport map

    Its King Power G301 Very probably there are others also.


    Generally you can’t bring them the other way lest you get Australian and New Zealand Quarantine officers in a lather over confiscating such verboten contraband.


    In BKK, the best orchids were always those sold by Mr Tom – 081 311 8600, or 02 434 6304, mistertomorchid@yahoo.com. He supplies the airline crews, and can often be seen on the Departures level handing them over when the crew buses arrive. 24-notice appreciated, but you may get lucky and find he has a box or two to spare if you happen to see him.


    I completely agree with you Tominscotland, I always bought a box of Orchids to take home for my wife from the Orchid shop in Singapore airport. I was at Singapore airport a few weeks ago and could not find the Orchid shop which upon checking had closed a while ago. However I did find the small boxes of Orchids were still available from one of the souvenir shops in the terminal, not much choice but at least there was something.


    Indeed, most European crews used to buy them ex BKK also.
    Perhaps, like many of The Worlds Airport’s, the pretentiousness and greed has taken over for having materialism. Seems to pamper more for the rich women travellers from Asia, at least they are the ones queueing up, with blushing male partners being persuaded to pay!
    Small stores cannot pay the rentals, and they make little profit compared the these self esteem fillers.

    Designer shops, selling items worth thousands £, for a “handbag” seem to have flooded through, and the ordinary everyday items that we enjoyed, there is no more room for them. Very little interest in traditional crafts, or art these days, and more about making statements of wealth in a competitive manner.
    Thankfully, i have never found any soul in such purchases, and feel no need to flaunt money.
    I would rather see it progressing lives in a Charity.
    The absence of The Orchids show just this!


    I dont bother with the fine boxed sets purchased in the airport.

    On the eve of my departure i buy orchids from the street sellers and carry onboard my trip back to ireland

    200 baht gets a lot of flowers and they survive the trip wrapped in damp newspaper in a plastic bag.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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