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    Another poster suggested a towel in First would be a great addition to the service and it got me thinking that whilst I get wash bags and PJs no one has ever asked me either what I want or what I would like to be in the bags.

    BA seem to go for British designers and British products whilst others airlines are a great deal more international. A few years ago KLM gave BOLS away in Delft China houses which were highly collectable. CX PJ are hugely sought after as are indeed, BA which sell on ebay for up to £50.

    But what would you like to get on board and what would you ditch?.
    I would like what BA to offer a wash bag that can be used for a few days after my flight. So decent sizes of toothpaste, a much better toothbrush and toiletries that I have both heard of and would use. I love the idea of a towel just for me and think it would complement the PJs and duvet etc.

    In Club Would like to see PJs in Club World. They can ditch the wash bags but enhance the stuff in the toilets.


    I must confess the more I fly the less interest I take in the freebies. The BA Club washbag isn’t really worth taking now- I just use the socks, earplugs and eyeshades and leave the rest. Emirates is much better although after getting half a dozen I am running out of people to give them to….

    Virgin switched to a “help yourself from the tray” which although penny pinching at first sight does seem more sensible.There really is a limit on the number of not-very-good toothbrushes, combs etc one can deal with..

    I had no idea BA First PJs got £50 on e Bay….somem people have more money than sense, They’re good, but not that good.,…


    BA used to give a white BA branded towel in First to take away; very handy for tennis.

    The Smythson notepaper was also handy for dashing off a letter (remember those?) while jetting off to a far flung corner of the Empire.


    I always like the braded pens and notepads in hotels: good quality pens would be a nice touch in F & J.

    Aer Lingus used to have Gold Circle branded notepaper in their lounges when they used to be a full service airline.



    Travel world…….Not only do they make real money but…..and I must confess to having sold a few……they are in demand world wide. Recently shipped to USA Germany and Australia. CX Jim jams are even more valuable….


    £ 50 for pyjamas. Wow. I’ve a cupboard full. I’m a bit of hoarder and always keep the pyjamas and wash bags, much to my wife’s distress as I’ve probably got a couple of cupboards worth.

    My collection of wash bags goes back some 30 years and includes those from BCAL (remember them?), Concorde, Swissair and some other now defunct airlines, not to mention a few dodgy third world carriers.

    Cloth towels should be obligatory in F.

    As for freebies, apart from the wash bag and pyjamas, I love to get playing cards. I have a collection of those as well!


    Something that has a use after a flight. The BA First bags look classy but not practical for use elsewhere. Hard sided and bulky, not practical for packing. I loved and have a cloection of the BA soft toiletry bags from a few years ago with pictures from the BA archive on them. Very cool. Also what about a return to male and female versions insetad of Unisex. Qantas F have handy security friendly sized shaving gel and anti-perspirant as well as aftershave balm.
    Id love a BA towel. But I dont get £50 a pair for PJs ……….. they are cheap jogging pants!. Again Qantas ones are better quality ….. and cool with a Kangaroo embroidered on them ….haha!!!


    LuganoPirate…….sounds to me that you have your pension in those cupboards!
    gold2k….yes I likr qf pjs also but they are not in demand.
    £50 is the most I have gotten but regularly get 20-30 gbp if bag and pjs are combined.
    Recently there have been blankets and other items which have been taken and this also racks up the value. Cant say I approve of that but there are a lot on offer.


    Pajamas or a nice silk neglige. Obviously I wouldn’t be wearing the neglige.

    Personal towel. Hand towel would be enough (assuming there is no onboard shower).

    But I really think most of the stuff that normally goes in the bags could be left in nice big washrooms.

    On a recent flight in First on BA we were given a full size bottle of Tattinger to take away with us, though I don’t think this is usual.


    …and mentioning such an act of “generosity” on the part of the cabin crew could easily get the cabin crew into trouble.

    Though most people retain anonymity for good reason, flights taken by those who post with their full names can easily be traced, even if it may seem Draconian to bother to check.

    Best not to mention things like that, lovely though it is when it happens.


    Smart branded T Shirt.

    I always ask for a spare set of PJ’s – great for relaxing in hotel lounges or at home. The whole family use them.

    I think airlines would be far better off going the Virgin way (leaving the items out for those that want, with some of the handouts. The lotions and potions in most of the bags are left or thrown (not all, just most).

    A comfy “flight shoe” – I usually take a pair of my own – cant stand those stupid socks given out.


    “…and mentioning such an act of “generosity” on the part of the cabin crew could easily get the cabin crew into trouble.”

    “Best not to mention things like that, lovely though it is when it happens.”

    Why not?

    You are very quick to deride BASSA for failing to support actions that increase profitability, so applying the same logic, the crew member who did this should be disciplined for reducing the bottom line in this way.

    Who knows, it might be a new BASSA ‘guerrilla’ campaign.


    A real towel I mentioned, just a hand one would be fine! I would happily substitute the pajama’s for one. I have never work a pair on a plane. mine either go home for lounging around in, or I give them away.

    The socks, i agree, total waste of time. A pair of hotel style slippers will do, so I am not walking through water spilt on the floor in the loo by other inconsiderate apes.

    Earplugs with tape to hold them in, like racing drivers have. I can never get those sponge things to stay in!

    other than that I dont see a need for anything else, just a good standard of case and size of product. The best case I have had over the years is an old continental one from about 7 years ago, just teh right size, rigid and has traveled with me ever since as my cable/adaptor etc case.The current BA CW is a waste, I take what I want and leave the rest on the plane. CP is ok, contents ok, case..a but girly (agnes B) my grandaugher now has many pencil cases! Qatar one is now very small, ok as a pill and potion holder, but not much else..


    Rolling sponge earplugs quite firmly between thumb and forefinger reduces their size considerably and allows them to be inserted far more easily, comfortably, and effectively.
    If noise is a frequent problem then getting specific purpose or even custom fit plugs are better as ear canals can be fairly unique. I have custom made for motorcyling and clay shooting – they are a good improvement on standard sponge.

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