What do YOU Think: Priority Club Launches New Website

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    Priority Club, the loyalty scheme for ICHG, appears to have re-launched its website.

    On first glance, Iā€™m not a fan. Too many gimmicks and animated links; keep it simple like google, PLEASE!

    But I suppose I should give it time to bed in before I pass judgement.

    It also appears to be very bandwidth-hungry, which is not ideal when accessing using 3G.

    What do you all think?



    Agree with VK. This one seems to be a bit complicated as compared to the old website. In my opinion previous one was much easier to use.


    Surely the title of this thread should be:

    What Do YOU Think? Priority Club Launches New Website

    Really, VK, I would have expected SO much better…


    Oddly, however, I see no changes to the Priority Club website yet.

    Perhaps those of us resident in the North have been relegated to an extra recessionary quarter with the cobbled-together committee of a website that has hitherto been all our lot….?


    Since there is talk of renaming the title of this thread, can any one teach me (the technical side) how to create a new thread on this forum.


    You are of course correct, continentalclub. The capitalisation of DO should have been on the YOU part…..oops.

    I would imagine the North has been deprioritised in most things apart from government make-work schemes since the end of the Industrial Revolution??? šŸ˜‰

    At least it was nice that you had Thora Hird for most of the intervening period, I suppose.

    Believe me the new website is just as bad as the previous one, with blurry low definition images, poor layout and generally not very intuitive, plus the need to login again at every possible juncture.

    Not impressed so far….

    Hi FlyingChinaman,

    To add a new topic to the forum, you’ll need to be logged in and click on one of the forum topics in dark blue (eg: All Airlines, Airports, Security, etc) on the main forum page at:


    You should then see a button saying “Add a topic”. If you want to start a topic about a specific airline, you can search for them in the airline drop down menu within the Airlines section. Adding a topic to that airline will make it easier for users to search for similar posts and topics.

    At the moment you cannot add new forum sections, but if there are any suggestions for these from any users, please do let us know.

    Oh, and i’ve amended the title of this topic as discussed above.


    My work here is done.


    Hi, I’ve noticed on Safari (via iPad) that the website was ‘new’ a few weeks back. I logged in to PC website yesterday and first time I got the new screen, later in the afternoon back to good old site. Today, it is still the old site – maybe they are just trialling it?

    I don’t mind the PC website, it’s been the same for years, easy links to my current reservations and previous stays.


    I didn’t know of this site, so I had a look. My first reaction was “Yes …. but what’s it FOR?” (capitalisation intended VK). My second was “Aaaaaaargh!! – not ANOTHER site I must look at before making my bookings” (ditto, VK).

    But then I calmed down. I asked it to find me a pet-friendly, breakfast-included, hotel near Honiton in Devon (where I happen to know the best hotel in the world is located). I was also alert enough to de-tick (see – told you I like dogs) the boxes directing the search to limit itself to certain hotel brands.

    It came up with a single result: a Holiday Inn in the Bus Park in Exeter (which on closer inspection was an abbreviated business park). And, to boot, Exeter is 17 miles from Honiton.

    Nuff said?

    (Correct use of colon, ContinentalClub?) šŸ™‚



    Btw, you are right about it being bandwidth-hungry. I am presently on a slightly feeble WiFi link in Thailand. My earlier reply hung and hung and hung; and didn’t go until I closed the Priority Club tab in my browser.

    (Semi-colon OK, ContiClub?)


    I totally agree with what VintageKrug said. The website looks very narrow and heavy, very dark, very uncomfortable.


    try ichotelgroup.com, seems to be just like the old priorityclub.com.


    I’ve made a couple of reservations using the website, without any problem.

    Today I had to cancel one of them. This didn’t prove as easy at all, so in the end I had to admit defeat and do it the old fashioned way; speak to a human being.

    No matter how many times I clicked on “view reservation,” the website kept taking me to the new reservations page. Pretty frustrating. I’ve email Priority Club, who are usually pretty good at responding. We shall wait and see what happens.


    I have been using the old version over the past weeks researching pricing for my upcoming trip in Europe.

    Suddendly, last night I got te new version. That threw me. Everything that I was used to was changed. But after a couple of hours, I sort of like the new formatting, it will grow on me.

    Someting that I am misssing already (or I can’t find it) is the “conversion tool” link to re-price in foreign currencies (as I’m Australian and want to get an idea of how strong our currency is at the moment). Now I just have to have xe.com open at the same time.

    Am I missing seeing it in all the new space on the screen?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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