What do you for a living that allows you to travel?

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    Dear Forum Posters,

    After stumbling across this Forum a few years back, I have learned a few tricks on travel, had a few laughs, felt like kicking up a storm occasionally, but mostly enjoyed comments from my fellow Business Travellers.

    I am intrigued however, of the level of travel some posters seem to do annually. Therefore, I would like to start this post to share (to fulfil my curiosity and perhaps of other) a little bit about yourself; behind the anonymity and synonyms used online.

    So let me start with myself:
    39 years old, male, Norwegian national
    Reside in Sweden and Switzerland
    Lived, studied or worked in the US, Norway and Germany in addition to current residences
    12 years at Global IT firm (EMEA travel)
    2 years as Business Consultant with global clients (global travel)
    Since last summer, run my own business consulting business focusing on software and internet start-ups (EMEA travel)

    Current travel pattern:
    BAEX Gold (as of this week)
    LH M&M SEN (since 2001)
    SK EBG, UA Prem Exec, AF/KLM FB Plat previously
    HH Diamond VIP


    Hi Senator,

    what a good idea and it could/should make mfor an interesting thread.

    I am;
    50 year old male, UK national living in London.
    Lived and studied in Scotland where I was born.
    20 years + experience as an HR Consultant and Recruiter specialising in Financial Servics and Professional Services at senior levels.
    Global Travel until the last couple of years and now it is EMEA but with a slight focus on Central and Eastern Europe.

    Current Travel Pattern:
    London to all over Central and Eastern Europe, Israel and EU markets.
    LH M&M SEN since 2005
    AF/KLM Platinum since 2008
    Marriott Rewards Platinum

    I hope you find that of interest. My friend Simon R speaks very highly of you!
    If you would like to contact me personally please speak to the BT team and they can take this post as my authorisation for them to let you have my personal email.

    I hope to hear from you.




    Thanks for the kind words Jonathan.

    I’ve asked Simon to forward my details to you.


    Done as requested.



    Thanks Simon!


    Is this a not very subtle attempt to get VK to post his/her personal data?
    The previous attempt to unmask the Krug did not last very long and has been withdrawn.


    For goodness sake, why does every thread have to have to include a who is a certain poster theme. W T F does it matter (and read the shorthand as long hand !!!!).


    I have spent years of my life flying around the world, more Concorde than I can remember, first class in every carrier you can think of to every corner of the world, lots of fantastic memories and many events I am still trying to forget. Delighful cabin crew, dragons, fellow passengers who delighted with their company and others who made me shudder.
    But, I am now in the luxurious position, as my working life changes to a pace where I have the choice, to decide when, where and how.
    I will loose all the golds, platinums, fast tracks, upgrades and comps.
    But that is great, because now I have the choice.
    Happy flying!!


    I was born, raised and educated in London.

    I stepped off the salary wagon in 2006 after a 20 year career, and live between London & South West France.

    Previous flights at Gold level on BA and VS were previously paid by my company. Travel in the ‘premium’ cabin continues but at my own expense.

    Current routings include israel, USA & occasional trips to Sydney.

    @esselle ..your posting echoes mine. The detective in me wondered whether ‘esselle’ refers to your car or your initials or both ?



    Another clue; present from my wife when I turned 55.



    SL55 .. ‘man & machine in perfect harmony’. Wait until you turn 63 !

    I have petrol in my veins. Some call me ‘the Imelda Marcos of cars’.

    Apologies for going off topic, but this forum does not cater to PM (private message).

    Just an afterthought, apart from asking what jobs or hobbies allow us to travel, maybe we should compile a list of motors that we drive or even where we are based geographically.



    Great car, but recently replaced by an Aston, which really is something special!

    Drive safely


    I am an international man of mystery…or at least thats what the other half says!


    Hi all

    I am working as Quality Manager for a Danish company having production in Asia and Africa. I do have about 100-150 days of travel each year, mainly Beijing, Mumbai and Nairobi. My status is M&M Senator, KLM Gold and Qatar Silver.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 74 total)
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