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    Here we are at years end and a friend just told me after a terrible year (made redundant, building permission denied and a few other woes) he’s treating himself to a new car.

    It made me think, what are we forum members, BT team included, treating ourselves to this Christmas?

    My year has not been too bad. A few problems to resolve and now mostly resolved. A fued with another family (over deck chairs can you believe!) repaired and now good friends. We’re thankfully all still in good health (apart from a concussion a few weeks ago). I made a few pennies as well so can afford to renew BT subs 😉

    So what’s my treat to myself? A decent quality toolbox. Always wanted one and never got one, using old boxes stacked up instead. And that’s it!

    And your treat?



    For me a new adornment for my maritime themed dining room. I have purchased an original P&O Oriana 1960’s travel agents poster that is being picked up today from the framers to be hung in time for Xmas Lunch. I now have to decide what on earth to do with my Sir Christopher Cockerell signed SRN1 hovercraft print. So I for Christmas Eve will be getting my tool box out!



    Well, my treat to myself was my birthday present to myself in the spring – a brand new Kawasaki H2 Ninja: the world’s only production supercharged motorcycle.

    But I’ve just bought myself a little classic Kawasaki two-stroke motorcycle for Christmas. Doctor TOH has got a rather nice Canon camera coming her way (it’s OK: she doesn’t read this).



    Nothing material I’m afraid to say……
    I am, for the first time since finding myself single (now happily) treating myself to not working between Christmas and New Year. I normally volunteer to cover my department, allowing colleagues with rug rats to enjoy their special time.

    This Year it will be a variety of meeting up with visiting friends, using my season ticket twice , hopefully enjoying the company of a beautiful woman and in between times ……..

    Well…….., recovering…….

    Then on the 4th, back to the Grindstone, or to be more specific…… .Leeds for a week !!



    Recovering from what? The attentions of a the beautiful woman?

    Details, man, we want details!



    For the first time in a long time, a new car. A sensible estate car for dogs, kids luggage etc., with something a bit special under the bonnet.

    Happy christmas all.



    With the Xmas Canucklad has planned lets hope he has something special under his bonnet!



    Well TOH, as the saying goes
    “If I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck”

    Alas TOH, I’m more likely to see my team score against Celtic on Sunday, than I am to experience the ecstasy of scoring myself…….However hope lives eternal in my heart, and maybe , just maybe I’ll see the boys in maroon put 3 past them on Sunday !! and then who knows… : )

    And MrMichael, what will be under my bonnet?
    Well, at the risk of breaking insider trading rules…let me advise you to lump all your savings into Alka Seltzer shares : 0



    I’m treating myself to two whole weeks without getting on a long haul flight! Hopefully the family will tolerate me being around and I won’t cramp their style. If I do I may be banished to the garage and be found sitting in last years big treat, a new v12 Aston Martin



    What body does your V12 sit in? Had the V12 Vantage Roadster but swapped it a couple of years back for an AMG. The Aston name still has huge pull though.

    Merry christmas



    (a) oysters
    (b) a new hammer-drill, so the holes in the wall are deep enough to fix the hooks securely – so I empathise with your tool box




    V12 VantageS, hard top. Skyfall Silver with Carbon kit on it, red and black custom interior. The buying experience once they get you to the Gaydon Works is very compelling ……… It’s only ever going to end one way 🙂

    Would be good if some of our favourite airlines could get close to the personalised experience that Aston Martin Works offers. I guess there is a reason why it’s one of the best global brands.

    Happy Xmas



    Brand new racing carvers but alas where is the snow this year???

    Disaster on the slopes 🙁



    I am tweeting myself to a weekend in Buenos Aires for New Year. Costs a small fortune, but I am worth it.

    I am looking forward especially to 13 hours in Economy.

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