Warnings regarding train stations in Austria and Germany

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    I spoke this morning with a member of staff who had just returned from a trip through Germany and Austria. He had made use of the trains for much of his journey and he has warned everyone in the office of the problems with migrants at a number of the major stations in both Germany and Austria in the evenings.

    He referred to “packs of men harassing women” and he intervened to help a young woman at Linz Station in Austria who was being groped by three men of North African appearance.

    During meetings with the Austrian Army he was discussing this and was told the police had already asked for help from the military as some areas were close to anarchy at night.

    Something to be aware of when traveling.


    Thanks and noted.


    Today’s Daily Mail online is running this story, once you’ve got past the so-called celebrities and their large derrieres. A picture of three migrant men with just their eyes concealed is alongside one of a woman and young child. Linz Station is a “no-go area” after dark and one woman was quoted as saying she would rather get a taxi to hell.

    I know there have not been any reports of this happening in the UK, but I will be extra vigilant in London tomorrow.

    Thanks for the advice Charles-P.


    Regretfully the current migrant crises is going to cause problems for travelers. The once open borders of Europe that made life so much easier for us all are gradually being eliminated, individuals with attitudes to women, gays and Jews that are unthinkable to us are going to be within our societies in large numbers. Already here in Belgium we have had problems near a migrant camp where local women have been abused for refusing to put on head scarves when walking past the camp.


    Very regrettable. However I’m sure that in line with the great European ideal it will be ‘human rights’ for the offenders and tough for the victim.

    Stand back as the great EU edifice and it’s open borders all heads round the nearest U bend.


    @ SimonS1 – 23/02/2016 17:25 GMT


    The last time I looked, human rights across Europe fell under the aegis of the ECHR which operates under the aegis of the Council of Europe. I am sure that you did not mean, either intentionally or inadvertently, to confuse the workings of the Council of Europe (founded inter alia by one W S Churchill) with those of the trade and political entity known as the European Union.

    That said, I cannot see how much longer Schengen’s open borders can continue to operate with the volumes of human trafficking taking place and the entirely inevitable and adverse outcomes that these will give rise to.


    The current situation in Germany deeply worries me.

    Last year they have literally opened the borders for everybody and now they realize that it costs an enormous amount of taxpayers’ money, brings economic instability, increases the gap between rich and poor, increases crime and destroys occidental heritage and Christian principals.

    99% of refugees may know how to behave but those other 1% to be kicked out of Europe immediately by any means, even they have to go back to North Africa by rubber boat. Remarkable most crimes are linked to Algerian and Moroccan “refugees”, both categorized safe countries.


    I would not let my girlfiend or mother go to Germany alone now. Merkle has ruined a once great nation.


    The biggest flaw in all of this is the PC definition of asylum seekers. Economic migrants are not asylum seekers. Economic migrants who choose to engage people smugglers to circumvent the proper channels for economic migrations are cheats.

    Genuine asylum seekers like the poor Syrians are being tainted by the same brush. It is absolutely unfair and those who insist by not making the distinction between asylum seekers and illegal economic migrants are doing the Syrian refugees a huge disservice.


    Why does Mr. C want to rush the referendum? With 3 million refugees heading to Europe in 2016 and the consequent social problems that will cause, not to mention what GB will be forced to pay out, the British people will overwhelmingly vote out. Have the vote now and he has a fighting chance we stay in!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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