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    If any BT readers have vsiited the new T4 Skyteam lounge, be most interested to hear your comments & impressions.
    I travel 30+ flights with KLM annually mainly for my EU travel. Also T4 is under huge development in every apect since BA moved. It always was in my view the best option at LHR, but its much quieter now.

    I see BT advice Etihad also will move over there, another airline i use every now & then.
    Could there be some indication here of Etihad linking with Skyteam, or is it just a good option for a better quality base from LHR for Etihad?

    I will leave my comments of my lounge visit also next week.

    Business Traveller replies:

    We visited the lounge just before it opened (see link for the article below), but of course we’d be interested to hear other travellers’ views as well.


    I will pass through there in sunday drop a line as to the impressions.

    Interesting that Etihad move over there also, to take one floor of the lounge complex.
    They must have planned well ahead to escape T3?


    Visited Sunday 10am.
    Its quite a well thought out lounge, spacious, bright, contemporary.
    The living garden on the wall is a wonderful element, & i am sure adds great air to the envrionment too.
    The food available, beats any other lounge or airline at LHR!
    Full meals are served at breakfast, lunch, dinner, with afternoon tea offerings too. A menu indicates the choice…
    Breakfast included freshly cooked bacon rolls, omlettes, Blueberry pancakes, warm pastries, as well as all the continental selections, great cheese choices, meats.
    I see dinner as eg’s- beef bourginion, chicken kebabs etc…
    Fresh fruit juices were available, decent coffee machines, the usual alcohol selections.
    The array of choice & presentation was impeccable, as was the quality.
    The Oxygen bar is quite refreshing.
    Many staff ensuring the stay was comfortable, chatty, informal but low key. Courtesy reflected in whom they employ, with a great welcome & even when i left the staff stood up from behind the desk to say goodbye!
    It was pretty chocker when i arrived, as many US Airlines have departures mid morning, so they will need the extra space when the floor above opens in September & they need more newspapers, none left.
    The standard you expect in the Far East, not in Europe. Excellent food, great ambiance, well thought through, refreshing design, & the staff work as a great team & make the feel very welcoming & you feel well looked after.
    Simply the best lounge in the whole of LHR in terms of food & up to date, fresh design.
    Well done to the team there!
    You have become THE premier Lounge at LHR!


    The Etihad move is part of the great terminal shuffles at LHR. Broadly, T1 will house Star Alliance, T3 OneWorld (not BA), T5 BA (and the BA services currently using T3 will move to T5 when T5C opens in 2011) with Skyteam and non aligned airlines using T4. Emirates, for example, will move from T3 to T4 at some point- not sure when?
    But some Star airlines will remain at T3 until the new T2 redevelopment is finished. If it ever is..


    Interesting, thanks.

    Just shows what a mess BA have made of their alliances, when they cant’ fit them into their own new terminal, let alone all their own flights.
    No wonder Qantas are annoyed.

    So T4 will become busier in the time ahead, but at least they will be with the more upmarket boutique non-alligned airlines!


    Dear Mr Mark Roberts,

    Thank you so much for your feedback. We are very happy that you have enjoyed your time at our lounge. We look forward to seeing you again very soon.

    Please do ask for myself (Khai–Senior Attache/Assistant Manager) when you next visit us.

    Thank you.

    Khaireny Khalid–Senior Attache
    SkyTeam Lounge, Heathrow Terminal 4


    Dear Mr Roberts,

    Thank you for leaving me a message when you came to our lounge on Wednesday. I tried to send you a message to the number you gave me, but I’m afraid that it’s missing a digit.

    Could you please contact me at <a href="mailto:[email protected]“>[email protected] or 07595317053.

    Thank you.

    Khaireny Khalid
    Senior Attache–SkyTeam Lounge


    If anyone knows how I can contact the Sky Team can you please let me know? I’ve tried searching their website and can’t find a phone number or email address. I need to make a complaint, and am now even more annoyed I can’t get in touch easily! Many thanks in advance. Leigh


    I have been using it ever since QR moved there,

    I find it a good lounge with excellent food and range of drinks, certanly a top notch lounge.

    only downside is on a couple of occasions finding seating space has been a struggle but thats usually only been 20-30 mins until one of the flights departs


    Have used the Skyteam Lounge a few times in conjunction with Continental flights to Houston.

    Definitely not much to complain about in terms of whats on offer. Comfortable surroundings, friendly staff, good choice of food and nice views over the apron. However, on a whole I think it is pretty bland. As a showcase Skyteam lounge I would have expected something else. Not necessarily like the Virgin Clubhouse but something more original and with a bit more flair!

    Is this the blueprint for future joint Skyteam lounges?


    leighc78 – the easiest way to get to the email addresses and phone numbers is to log on to and then go the button Contact Us.

    The Skyteam lounge on T4 is great, ample space, wide choice of magazines and newspapers, good choice of drinks and food….I have been there many times!


    I visited the T4 lounge for the first time last week – I had been loyal to Star Alliance with BA as a back up, but the status-matched FB Gold (and the rapid deterioration of LH Italia) gave me a chance to try Alitalia to LIN

    I can report that the Skyteam lounge (and T4 in general) were very pleasant indeed – upstairs in particular was an oasis of calm, with nice food, nice view and fast wifi – not at all like the dark cupboard that is the *A lounge. In fact Alitalia was not all that bad, with on-time flights and polite (if sparse – well, no worse than BA, but not as good as Lufthansa) inflight service

    The shocker though was the LIN Alitalia lounge. OMG, that’s not a lounge, that’s a Third World departure hall… (on the plus side, at least I wasn’t delayed an hour like the poor folks on the BA flight back…)


    I pass through there again tomrw, for my normal flights with KLM to Amsterdam. After 2 years, it has held its atmosphere, pleased to say been maintained well, and still has that new and refreshing feel about it. Upstairs is a little quieter with a nice panorama out to the aircraft and runway.
    It is especially pleasant, when you really are going only to Europe, as it is the standard of an intercontinental lounge. Returning with KLM (and my Gold card have held in one scheme or another for 15 years), you also use the Intercontinental lounge of KLM at Schiphol for UK departing flights.

    Overall, makes very luxurious lounges for European trips, let alone long haul standards..

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