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    I need a bit of help, Which airline would you recommend Virgin or Air India from LHR to Delhi ( from check-in and baggae allowance, cabin crew, inflight food and entertainment ) as i’m travelinh with wife and an infant. Thank you an adavance for your comment.


    Thanks, travelling in economy cabin


    Whilst biased, I think you should also consider BA, although I do not know the difference in fares between these airlines. The food and cabin crew should be at least as good as VS. I have not flown AI so cannot compare them.

    The BA flight times into and out of DEL are not great , so you may find more attractive schedules, especially as you will be travelling with an infant. There are 2 flights on most days, whilst VS has only one.

    LHR T5 is a comfortable terminal and preferable to T3 (used by VS and AI), especially if you are travelling in economy.

    BA has AVOD in all classes on the 747s (usually on the DEL route), and it appears that this system is now working satisfactorily, although I stand to be corrected if anyone has suffered problems recently.


    Totally agree either VS or BA, only ever did Air India once in 1st, but didnt really enjoy!


    Air India has lots of advantages. I’ve only been on it in First Class (really excellent and great value for money at about 50% of the cost of business on BA or Virgin) and in business. However, I have colleagues who go in economy regularly and say that AI has more legroom (34 inches vs. 31 or so on BA or VS); better food and more of it and; lower load factors. I always find the AI staff kind and professional — they don’t grovel or give you the fixed smile treatment but they’re attentive and know what they’re doing. All in all, I’d probably take Air India. I got out of the habit of flying Virgin so I can’t give you a direct comparison


    Virgin – no debate…newer plane (Airbus A340-600), great AVOD as mentioned earlier, great and friendly crew and reasonable food….you can also double dip into Virgin flying Club and Singapore Airlines if you are a Kris Flyer member.


    I would fly jet Airways. New planes, new econ and bus product as welll as good IFE and service.


    BA operate twice daily 747 aircraft on this route with audio visual on demand in all cabins, these aircraft also have the all new business class. BA’s Delhi services are currently at Terminal 4 and will move to Heathrow terminal 5 on 22nd October


    Do you want your baggage to arrive with you? Well, that ruled out one possibility.

    My most recent flight with Virgin (Shanghai) showed them back to their slick old ways.

    Air India normally score on food, especially if you are veggie. That isn’t a negative comment on their abilities with carcases, but a comment on many other airlines abilities with veg (or should I say pasta).


    Virgin leg room is very poor on the A340-600. It’s lovely and new but very tight. Econ service can be very mixed aswell – fantastic and awful!! BA’s AVOD is easier to use than V PORT and I love the 747’s!! Jet is good but lacks the personality of BA’s experience in my opinion!

    I would avoid AI. Above all enjoy your trip.


    I agree with most comments above
    I fly frequently on this route and onwards into Asia.
    Certainly look at BA and Jet
    Depends on what cabin you are flying – my opinion:
    First then Jet
    Club/Business then BA
    Economy then Virgin

    I would avoid Air India, old aircraft, poor inflight entertainment, eat the food at your peril and AI is prone to delays and cancellations at the drop of a hat.

    Virgin is good in economy, more space and the inflight entertainment is good.

    British Airways in Club is an excellent product all round. Despite relentless posts stating the crew are poor I reckon the BA crew are the best in the sky. BA lets itself down with the dull/boring food.

    Jet First class is simply opulent, very OTT but I guess it suits lots of people.

    Dont overlook other airlines which are offering great deals BUT you do require a change of plane and therefore its a longer trip. Emirates and Qatar are very good options


    Jet Airways… The best on the route..


    May I recommend Jet for this route?The catering in Economy can sometimes be a little underwhelming but you do get extra baggage allowances (please check this with your agent as a ticket purchased through certain agencies can offer more check-in baggage) and the attendants are good. The inflight entertainment is also pretty good.
    Haven’t flown AI in a while so can’t comment and wasn’t hugely impressed when flying BA to India: cramped,hardly any leg-room etc.,


    In the good ol’ days one could fly SQ between LHR and BOM. I think the closest thing that comes to it now is Kingfisher although I hear the inflight entertainment isn’t great, but the inflight service is. Kingfisher own Jet so, hopefully, the inflight service might be similar. However, be warned, Jet recently experienced disruptive industrial action and if you’re travelling with a child this could be a huge inconvenience if the pilots decide to go on another strike. You don’t want to be stranded at LHR or BOM/DEL with a child and in the event of a strike. You might want to check if Jet, should you decide to fly them, will re-book you on another airline or, alternatively, provide you with accommodation near the airport.
    Happy trails!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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