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    Move over ipad the new tech in town Google glass.

    Virgin is trialling the technology in its superb lounge at LHR. As well as providing customer info and preferences it can also be used to check passengers in and update the hostess on travel information, weather and events at the customer’s destination.


    I’m not sure I want to be peered at through one of those strange things any more than I like being served in restaurants by waiters with ear pieces and walkie talkies.

    This doesn’t really enhance genuine interaction with customers. It would make me feel more like I’m just a record on their database that needs to be retrieved more quickly.

    Bring back the clipboard!


    Spot on, the lass in the picture reminds me of a cyborg from a Sci-Fi film.

    In fact, for you Trekies out there, she looks as if she’s just escaped from the “Borg”.

    It has been proven that companies that rely on technology to increase customer satisfaction, become so reliant on the technology, that they allow the technology to become the process driven consistent norm, that the personalization and ultimately customer service actually suffers.

    I don’t want fancy gadgets to get in the way with good old fashioned human engagement!
    I predict this will be a passing fad!


    I think Virgin needs to get back into innovating. It was what the brand stood for years ago – something daring, different. So it’s good to see that it is coming up with something new.

    When I worked for Virgin years ago we were constantly at the forefront of launching ‘new’ things. Onboard bars, chauffer transfers, onboard massage and beauticians, the Clubhouses, the first flat herringbone layout, IFE that was revolutionary at the time. Now it’s either gone or been emulated by others. Even though we knew we were paid less than the BA crews that we hated we had a fierce loyalty to the airline and the brand. This was the times where we would be invited to SRB’s place for Christmas parties and our hard work would be rewarded with breaks to his private airline and the like. Fast forward to today – SRB has very little involvement in the day to day operation. Staff morale is extremely low with pay freezes and other cuts. Plus simply the impossible task onboard of delivering the product that Virgin overhypes in the media. Because tbh, it just isn’t special anymore. It could be any decent airlines Business Class or Economy class cabin.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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